Baptism or Confirmation?  Bishop David Hamid will be visiting St. Catherine’s and our mission in Ulm on the weekend of 18-19 March.  The vicar wants to know if anyone is interested in either Holy Baptism or Confirmation/ Reception during this time.  Confirmation Classes will begin very soon.  If anyone is interested in attending the classes, they would be welcome.  Those interested in being confirmed will be particularly welcome.  Any one seeking Baptism, or seeking to present a child for baptism, should, likewise, talk to the vicar immediately.
Have you finalized your Pledge or bank transfer for 2017? At the Parish Council meeting last Sunday, the treasurer reviewed our financial situation.  We ended 2016 very well, but the outlook for 2017 does not yet look so promising.  But when analyzing the figures, it seems that it could be due to many of those new to St. Catherine’s not having handed in a pledge form. If you are unfamiliar with pledging, it’s basically planned giving. St. Catherine’s relies on the donations made by members of the congregation. We use the pledged amounts to estimate what people plan to given and allow us to create a budget.  Our shortfall for 2017 looks to be:  11,000 euros.
If you haven’t turned in a pledge or made a “Dauerauftrag” for 2017, please do so.  You can be part of the solution to this problem.  I believe we can reach the goal and meet that 11,000 deficit head-on.  No one needs to give a lot, if everyone gives something.  I mentioned this at church on Sunday, and since then we have already received notice of two new Dauerauftraege.  Thank you, both.  Who else will step up and help us close the gap between us and our goal. Blank pledge forms are available at the back of the church on the shelf where the prayer books are kept.  Or you can download on from the church website. Or you can simply write an email to our treasurer, Jackie Wellhaeusser at    Let her know what you can contribute to our parish life and health.  We have just one month to get this gap closed before the budget has to be prepared for the Annual General Meeting in April.  –K+
5th Sunday Joint Service…. 29 January….service begins at 10:30.  Bilingual & ecumenical.
Pancake Day, will take place this year on 26 February, immediately following the Sunday morning service.  Cooks and Team members are being sought.  Do you have some spectacular pancake recipe you would like to contribute to the day?  Please notify the vicar what you are willing to do to make this as international, delicious, creative, and fun as possible.  (Note: this is the St. Catherine’s version of Shrove Tuesday,… except on Sunday, just before Ash Wednesday and Lent.)
Womens Coffee Morning....this Thursday at 10.  In the Anglican Centre.  All are welcome.
Men’s Pub Night … this Thursday 19:00 at Sophie’s Brauhaus. All men are welcome – women  see above for the morning option or wait til February when the Ladies’ Evening Group will meet again!
The Vicar’s travel plans.... next week, for work related to his Deanship, the vicar will be going to London/Woking for a meeting of the Bishop Senior Staff.  Then to Gibraltar to be officially seated in his stall as Canon of the Cathedral.  Returning to Stuttgart on 30 January…. then off again 7 February to Texas for his annual visit with family/ friends/ and his “other” bishop in Houston.
The Refugee Ministry of St. Catherine’s did a good thing recently.  Through the Parish Council over 500 euros was donated to the Jacobsschule, around the corner from the church.  This money was used to purchase materials specifically useful in teaching German language to the refugee children.  Yesterday, Alison and the vicar went to the school to meet with the Principal and teachers using these material.  It was a great visit as the children performed a song, played a game, and demonstrated to us how these new teaching aids work.  What a great way to deal not only with the short time needs, as we have been doing with clothing, dishes, etc,… but by teaching language we are helping them with a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their life.
In planning ahead, the vicar is thinking about Ash Wednesday.… wondering which times would be best for our church services on that day.  Do you like to go to church on Ash Wednesday and receive the Imposition of Ashes?   If so, please let him know which of these options works best for you:  7 a.m.;  7:30 a.m.;  8a.m.; 9a.m.;  12 noon, 12:30p.m.; 6 p.m.; 6:30 p.m.; or 7 p.m.  In the past we have sometimes had three services to meet the needs of many people, Morning, Noon, and Night.  But when would you like to come?  Please share your ideas with the vicar.
The Vicar has a Voucher for a short getaway into the beautiful Sudharz Mountains not far from Goslar.  Unfortunately, it will expire if not used before 5 March, and he will not be able to use it.  He is wondering if anyone else in the congregation might like it.  It is for 2 overnights for 2 persons in a double room, with 2 breakfasts included, 1 evening meal in the hotel restaurant, free parking, etc.  The hotel is the Romantisches Geniesser Hotel Suedharz.  Google it and see if it would be interesting to you.  It is a 4 star hotel.   But act quickly.  Register your interest right away.
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