News for 8th March

From the Vicar:   The worst feeling in the world: A Lenten meditation… a true story

Recently, while returning from my family visit in Texas, I found myself on an escalator in the huge Atlanta Airport.  There was a man with 2 bags on the escalator about 6 steps lower than I.  My attention was caught from the corner of my eye, as I saw the man collapse and fall like dead weight, face first, head down, onto the escalator steps.  His bags tumbled down around him.  And the steps kept moving downward… but we were a long way from the bottom.  He didn’t move.  It may have only been a few seconds, but it seemed like hours as I stood helplessly behind looking down on him.  People started screaming and telling one another to do something,… “Call the police”,… “Call the medical team”.  “Who has a cell phone?”  “Call…” “Help him,…” “Do something”.  Many people at the bottom of the still descending steps were looking up trying to know what to do.  Someone stepped forward and pushed the emergency stop button.  The stairs ground to a halt, but the still unmoving man, his toppled bags, and all of us behind him on the stairs were still quite a way from the bottom of the steps.  Why did she stop it now?  Why not wait until he was at the bottom?  In panic  we all stood there waiting for someone to tell us what to do.  Some men rushed up the steps and bent down over him.  “He is still breathing,” one of them said loudly enough for all to hear.  One man began to roll him over, revealing a badly bloodied face, limp with unconsciousness.  “Don’t move him…” someone called out.  “We’ve got to get him down…” someone else said.  Four men picked him up and despite his limpness got him down to the bottom.  I secured his bags, cell phone and bloodied eyeglasses, taking them down to the bottom.  “I am a EMT (emergency medical technician),” a woman said, and people let her through the crowd to apply first aid.  I offered my Tempo tissues and she began cleaning the blood away from his nose and mouth.  My silent prayers were repeating over and over in my heart,… even as I knew I had to keep moving in order to rush to my next departure gate.

What a terrible feeling of powerlessness, having witnessed a totally inexplicable accident in a public place knowing I cannot help.  I still see his body falling in slow motion forward on the descending stairs.  I still feel the jarring vibrations sent up through the stairs and he crashed into the moving steps.

I don’t even know what happened.  Did he live?  Did he die?  I don’t like the feeling of powerlessness, especially in the face of this bloodied accident.
Is this what Jesus’ disciples felt as they watched their Friend being nailed to a cross to die?


The Bishop’s Visit will be here on 19th March:  At the last count, we are expecting him to carry out 2 baptisms and possibly 4 confirmations.  He comes on an average of once per year, so when he comes it is a special event.  To welcome him, we will have a Reception/Pot Luck Lunch following the service. It will be an “International Buffet” Perhaps you have something wonderful you can cook and bring to the buffet? Best are things that can be easily eaten from a plate, and can be served at room temperature.
Soups or foods requiring bowls are discouraged, as it is very difficult for diners to juggle both a bowl and a plate.  Thanks.
I can hardly wait to see the variety of the delicious things what will appear.

The Annual General Meeting 23rd April 2017
Mark your calendars now for this important meeting.  At this meeting we will elect the leaders to take us into the next year. The wardens and council need to be elected, as well as delegates to the CAECG.
In order to qualify as a voter, you must be “enrolled.”  To enrol yourself, fill in an enrollment form.  It is just that simple.  Here is where you can download an enrollment form Please return the form to Frances or by e-mail to webmaster@stcatherines-stuttgart. Make sure you are on the electoral roll so you can vote.
Also, do not forget to sign up to bring something for the AGM Lunch. Heather is coordinating the lunch, which will be a simple sandwhich affair, she has a list of items the council would like people to donate – if you would like to help please e-mail Heather on Thank you.
And certainly, do not forget to think about who you would want to represent you on the parish council. Who will run for Warden?  Who should be our delegates to CAECG?
The AGM is important!

The “Subscribe” Button…. did you push it yet?  We are changing the way our Newsletters are sent out.  In order to do it in the best and most efficient manner we are asking everyone, Everyone! to go to the St. Catherine’s website and subscribe.
On the front/home page, fill in your name and email address and push the “Subscribe” button found on the right of the screen. After doing this make sure you click on the link in the e-mail you receive to confirm your subscription.
Thank you for your cooperation in this.  K+

Pledges and tithes are still being collected for those who are new or who may not have been able to do it yet.  With AGM coming it is vital to have the best and more accurate figures of expected income for the making of the expected budget for 2017. Since we get nothing from Kirchensteuer, the C of E, or any other subsidies,… we depend on one another to supply what is necessary to keep the church afloat. Completing a stewardship form is the easiest way to indicate to the treasurer how much you might be able to give, and allow the budget to be drawn up.
Please don’t be afraid to ask, if you would additional information about the ministry of the church when making your pledge decision.

Could you read on Sunday? On Sunday mornings the wardens are tasked with finding people to do the readings and lead the intercessions: this faces them with two problems:  there is little time to find readers, and many who would otherwise be happy to read do not want to do it unprepared. If you would be prepared to read one of the lessons or the intercessions, please contact Eric Jarman during the week before the service, and you will be given the necessary texts in good time for preparation. If you are in the position to read spontaneously, then you can offer your help to Eric or Mark on Sunday morning.

This Sunday’s readings are:
Genesis 12.1-4a
Romans 4.1-5,13-17

Women’s Group – Correction to last week’s mail
At our last meeting, apart from enjoying a cup of tea and a chat – and English tea cakes,  we had a very effective hymnbook-repairing session and also heard about Ken’s trip to America. For our next meeting we are back to the usual third Thursday in the month ie on the 16th March from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. See you there.
Alison Seyerle –

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