Booksale/ Bakesale –I am a worry-wart – Yes, I always worry about the details – like who will set-up and who will tear-down, – who will sort the books – and who will carry the boxes from the Keller to the church. I worry about whether we have too many books, or not enough, about the need for more and more cupcakes and about how to get the word out about the sale. You might think that after 8 years, I would learn to trust in God and in the people of St. Catherine’s Church. Neither has let me down yet. The right people show up at the right time and all ends up very well. St. Julian of Norwich was right “All will be well.” So I will not worry, as much. But even so, here are the details:

When: Saturday, 18 July – 10 am to 5 p.m

Set up: on Friday night – 7:30 p.m

Tear down: Saturday evening at 5 p.m.

Book donation drop offs: by appointment anytime during the week of 12-17 July, or without appointment on Thursday, 16 July during the day in the Parish Centre and Friday 17 July during the day in the Parish Centre or Church – look in both places. Wanted: English Books, hardcover are best – or paperback if in good condition. No junk please. No magazines please, unless very special. All sorts of sweet baked goods -to be delivered on the morning of the sale, please

Coffee Hour this coming Sunday will be a special treat in loving memory of one of our parishioners some of you will remember: Ann Mucha – a lovely Canadian woman, of some frailty and significant age. She and her son and his family often came to worship with us. In the winter we would wrap her up in extra lap rugs to keep her warm. She had a great personality much stronger than was her body. When she finally left Germany to return to Canada, I felt a great loss, suspecting that we would not see her again this side of the heavenly gate. And yes, she passed away in Canada, and lives now in the bosom of Christ’s love. The coming Sunday is the anniversary of her passing. Her son, Ron, has arranged to provide for the church a “memorial coffee hour” after church. What a lovely idea! Whether you remember her or not, we are all invited to celebrate a long life, a holy death, and an eternal heavenly home -” where the choirs sing, the ending of sorrows. Eternal Greetings. Amen”

Next chance for Baptism: 26 July. Who do you know who wants to be baptised? We already have one scheduled for the day. Anyone else? Let the vicar know as soon as possible.

Wednesday Night Bible Study has taken a new course – The Biblical themes in the lives of some Saints. So far we have looked at the lives of St. Benedict and St. Patrick. There lives reflected many Biblical themes and theologies. This week, we will look at St. Francis of Assisi. Next week – a more obscure saint St. Odile of Alsace. In the future we plan also for St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Elisabeth of Thuringia, St. John Nepomuk of Prague, and finally, St. Thomas a Beckett of Canterbury. Care to join our Bible Class? Just show up at the new Parish Centre on Wednesday nights at 20:00h. Bring your own Bible, or borrow one of ours.

The Vicar will be undergoing a routine medical exam on Friday, which is expected to shed light on his recent bout of diverticulitis (google it.). If all goes well he will be full speed again by Sunday. But just in case, he has arranged for the Rev’d. Julie Lipp-Nathaniel to be celebrant and preacher. (What a blessing it is to have good priestly assistants around to help out and fill in when needed!)

The Pacific Boy Choir of California will perform a concert Saturday evening, 11 July, 19:00, at St. Hedwig Roman Catholic Church in Moehringen – (Haltestelle: Reidsee). No ticket is needed. Free entrance. Donation taken at the end. Highly recommended to get there a bit early to get a good seat!

St. Augustine’s Church, Wiesbaden will be observing their 150th Anniversary in a Festive Eucharist beginning at 10 a.m. Sunday 19 July. I seldom encourage people to miss church here at St. Catherine’s – however I will make an exception for anyone wanting to attend this wonderful occasion in Wiesbaden. All sorts of fun is planned for a great day of remembering and celebrating 150 years of Grace.

Men’s Pub Night will take place Thursday, 9 July at Bistro Einstein at Wilhelmsplatz – a French themed bistro with lots of good crepes, gallettes, and Flammkuchens. Also Cidre from Normandy -if you want something different. Gather at 19:00 -Look or ask for Ed Wagner.

Your prayers are asked for an American woman living in Stuttgart, J – who will remain anonymous. She is quite ill. We have been asked to pray for her healing, her peace of mind, her doctors, her husband. May God be glorified in her. Amen

Women’s Group The next meeting of the Women’s Group will be on Thursday, 16th July 2015 from 10 until 12 in the Parish Centre. As the Book Sale is coming up at the weekend we can probably be of help with sorting. As always, though, there will be time for coffee/tea/cake and socialising. Look forward to seeing you.
Best wishes

Ladies’ Evening Group after enjoying Vietnamese this Tuesday (thank you to Elinor for organising) in July we will be hoping for fair weather and a taste traditional German summer in the Amadeus beer garden. Monday 13th July c. 19:00. If you’d like to join us please speak to Jackie or e-mail

From the Vicar: It was not too hot: Hell is hotter. 

I had a hard time biting my tongue on Sunday last, when it was so hot inside the church. I wanted to make a “Hell is hotter” joke, but I was not sure anyone would have believed me. We were all there sweating together dressed in as casual clothes as we could bear. But I must say, I rather expected it to be hotter. There was still a bit of residual coolness in the slate floor as we started. We were prepared with cold water in the back, available during the service for those who needed more bodily fluids to sweat out through their pores. I even had to take a water break at the end of the sermon. I am glad that these extremely hot days, though dramatic, are few and far between. May they remain so. Amen. Special thanks to Gary B., for his quick thinking. Instead of brewing hot coffee for us to drink after church ( who wants more heat on such a day?) He procured a lot of ice, crushed it, and had it available so that we could pour our coffee over the ice, for a cool, refreshment. Ice Coffee, like Ice Tea is popular in many hot countries and it proved popular on Sunday. Thanks Gary. Gary was not with me in Ulm later in the day, where it was also incredibly hot. So we took advantage of having church located across the street from a nice Ice Cream Parlour. After we finished our sacrament of Bread and Wine, we all headed directly across the street for the 8th Sacrament – Ice Cream. Yummy and cool.


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