Are you ready for the Bazaar?

20:00 – Friday – set up begins

10:00 – Saturday – doors open

12:00 – Saturday – Sleeping Beauty Panto Performance

16:00 – Saturday – Clear up begins

Children: Susanna and Renate have prepared a craft project for you so look out for them at the Bazaar and see what they have prepared for you.

“Come in good voice on Sunday … we’ll be singing a cappella
Those of you who were in church on Sunday will have noticed that the organ is not happy. To prevent further damage, until repairs can be carried out and paid for, the organ will sadly be out of action and we will be singing unaccompanied.
Thankfully we still have our choir to support our congregational singing – if you would like to swell their ranks and join them at the front as they lead from the front please get in contact with Stephen who can let you have details of the music for the service.

Womens’ Group
We have scheduled our next meeting for Thursday, 16th November, keeping to the third Thursday in the month and we will be at the Anglican Centre from 10 until 12.  There will probably be some last-minute planning for the Bazaar and our group is really muscling in and helping to make this event, one of our important outreach activities, a success. See you there.
Alison –

The ‘Kleiderkammer’ (Goodwill Give-away Shop) at the Anglican Centre is closed this week, but will reopen the week following the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 18 November.
We will reopen again Thursday & Friday evenings from 1800-2100, with a break again between Christmas & Three Kings.

The Centre is busier on Thursdays because many of the Muslim women prefer to stay home Fridays, which is their Sunday so-to-speak. Young men, mostly from Afghanistan, often come by after evening prayers held at a mosque just down the street, both evenings. Many African Christians come on Fridays, keeping volunteers busy from 18-1900. It winds down about 1930 when, depending on visitor numbers, we begin to pack up everything in order to clear the Centre for Sunday church. After packing up, we often hold a StammTisch (German-language practice, discussion). Several evenings a week, especially Saturdays, two German-language teachers coach several of our regular volunteers with German lessons.

We rebuild the ‘Kleiderkammer’ again Monday and/or Tuesday evenings every week.

I might add we could not pull all of this off without the help of our two primary volunteers Salam, from Eritrea, and Shekri Musa, from northeastern Syria. And speaking of volunteers, we can really use some help setting up for our Christmas Bazaar next Friday afternoon and evening, 17 November — and there is always a need for clerks at the Bazaar on Saturday. At least six of our regular asylum-seeker volunteers will be helping at that time as well.

Drop me a line – Gary

St. Catherine’s Ladies’ Evening Group (LEGS) our last meeting of 2017 will be on Tuesday 21st November, 19:00, at Pukki’s, next to St. Catherine’s (who catered for Ken’s leaving do). If you would like to join us, please contact Anne –

Frauen andere Herkunft, andere Sprachen  – Women from other countries and speaking other languages
As every year we invite you to an Advent afternoon to meet up with women from other countries who unite to worship together in and around Stuttgart in their own languages, just like we do in our Anglican Church in English.
Our “Adventsfeier” will take place on Friday, 8th December 2017 from 14.00 until 16.00 in the CVJM-Haus, Room 100, Büchsenstraße 37, Stuttgart-Stadtmitte.  We are asked to bring traditional cakes or biscuits to enjoy together.
Please let Alison know by 1st December if you would like to come.
Alison –

Advance warning – you get a little lie in on Sunday 26th November
The Old Catholics will be celebrating the baptism of a new Christian sibling a week on Sunday – and have given us advanced warning that the service will over run – we will therefore not plan on being able to get into church before 11:30 and start our service a little later than usual. Spend a little longer in bed, rather than stood outside in church in the cold!

Advent Toy Service for Children – 10th December
Do you have children between 10-18 years old who would like to read one of the lessons or the prayers of the people at this service? Please let Susanna know so that we can give you the texts in advance so that they can practice.
We will be preparing something with the Sunday School children for them to share during the service and would like to invite the children and any adults who wish to to bring a “nearly new” (or new) toy to give our advent outreach project.

Join our daughter congregation in Ulm …
We have been invited to join our daughter congregation in Ulm for two special events – 26th November for their service followed by a Thanksgiving meal and on 17th December they will be holding their Carol Service.
Both services will take place in the Gemeindehaus am Münsterplatz 21. starting at 17:30. For more information contact Julie

Speaking of Carol services Eric is already starting to look for readers for the Service of nine lessons and Carols – Saturday 16th December at Leonhardskirche – if you would like to volunteer e-mail

Aged 18-35? Can you help?
I am a student from the Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung, University of Stuttgart. As part of my master’s thesis, I am doing a psycholinguistic experiment, with native English speakers.
I am looking for participants for the study, specifically native speakers of English falling in the age group of 18 to 35.  For more information on the experiment and requirements click here.
Thank you for your help – Aswathy.

American Thanksgiving
The Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum has asked us to let you know that their annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be taking place on Wednesday, November 22, 18.30, at the Pullmann Hotel in Vaihingen. The price for a buffet supper and live music by Stephen Brown (no less!) is 37 € for adults and 14,50 € for kids. If you’d like to go, you need to book a place by November 14. For more information look at their website,; the event is listed in the „Programm“-section, under the date, 22 November!


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