Blessing of the Children’s Communion Books

Last Sunday the children came forward at the beginning of the service to take part in the dedication of our new children’s communion booklets.

The books contain a simplified version of the Communion Service we use, with explanations, pictures for each part of the service and many of the words we all say together during the service. The hope is that these books, with their parents help, will allow our children to follow, take a greater part and understand better what is going on in the Communion service.

The booklets will be kept at the back of church along with the hymn and prayer books for the adults, so please make sure your child gets one at the beginning of the next service, help them use it to follow the service, take care of the books and please make sure that the booklets are given back at the end of the service for use next week!

Thank you – to all those who donated items to our Harvest food collection.

The date for the Bazaar is set for Saturday, 18th November. I know it seems a long way away but time towards the end of the year always tends to go faster than at any other time. We are planning on having the usual stalls: Flea Market, Christmas items, Preserves, Books as well as snacks, coffee and cakes for sale, raffles, guess the weight of the cake and possibly a scene from a Pantomime for the children. Of course for all these activities we need lots of helpers to set up the stalls on the Friday evening, man the stalls and help with other areas on the actual day , dismantle everything afterwards so I would be very grateful for volunteers to come forward, even if you can only help out for a short time. Contributions for any of the stalls would also be welcome, especially jams, marmalades and preserves. Do please get in touch so that we can make this event a success.
We now have an event on the church facebook page and the flyer is online. Please remember to invite your friends.
Alison –

Other news from the Sunday School team:

  • We are updating our register of Sunday School children as recently we have had very large Sunday School groups (which of course is wonderful!) and we’d like a little more information to help us support the children as best we can.
    Over the next few weeks we’ll be passing round a list to parents of Sunday School children, asking you to enter your child’s name, date of birth, your name, your child’s preferred language(s), and any additional information you think is important. You can also e-mail this information to Susanna
  • Supporting adults: Each week we ask for at least one extra, adult volunteer to come out with the Sunday School class. The second adult only has to sit in on classes and occasionally help out with some cutting or glueing, so it’s not a hugely challenging role! So if you have kids, or like kids (or possibly even both!), it would be wonderful if you could volunteer to be the second adult occasionally and give the Sunday School team members who are not teaching a chance to hear the sermon for a change! If you feel you would like a more challenging role, join the Sunday School team – we meet once every 3 or 4 months to prepare classes, and then take turns teaching, and would be more than happy to widen our circle. To find out more about volunteering  e-mail Susanna
  • Behaviour: most of the time, most of the Sunday School children are a delight to teach (if anything, they’re a bit too quiet sometimes…). But recently there have been a few occasions when the Sunday School teachers have felt more like animal tamers. This is not nice for the Sunday School teachers, and it is also not nice for the kids who want to join in the lesson. So could you please make sure your child knows that 1) not following the leader’s instructions, 2) offering an interesting pseudonym instead of their real name for registration, 3) hitting other kids over the head when they don’t get their way, is not appropriate behaviour and will all ensure that sooner or later they will be asked to stay in church while all the other kids go out to Sunday School!

Of your charity please pray for the repose of Pete Lee, musician and sometime deputy organist at St. Catherine’s, who died on Friday 6 October. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
– Please pray for Rev’d Solomon Benjamin as he is officially installed as EMS Verbindungsreferent für Ostasien/Indien und Geschäftsführer der DOAM this coming Saturday.

Have you noted the change of date for the Carol Service? SATURDAY 16th December – 17:00 at Leonhardskirche. Please help spread the word about the change of date from our usual Sunday evening service.

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