From the Vicar: Good News

I hope you all enjoyed the Archdeacon’s visit last week. It is great when he can bring good news. We can all rejoice in the good news he brought, just as we can rejoice in so much good news that we as Christians receive. Good news about harvest and plenty. Good news about new scientific discoveries and medical advancements. Good news of old friends and new friends. Good news of reasons to hope. And yes, the “Goodest” of all Good News, God’s Love for us as demonstrated in his own Incarnation, Passion, Resurrection, Ascension and Grace. Trying to make a list of “earthly” good things and then comparing it to the cosmic, eternal, divine good things… makes our entire little list seems like a litany of trivialities. But as all good flows from God, even the trivialities become reasons to celebrate our thankfulness to God .

This Sunday, we will be thankful specifically for Harvest, as we conclude our annual Harvest Fest at the church. “We sing songs of thankfulness and praise and unto God our voices raise…” We collect non-perishable foods to share with the poor in our own community. And we will collect perishable foods lovingly prepared for a festive Harvest Bring and Share Lunch right after church.

If you have any reason to be thankful for good news or Good News, please join in the celebration. Let your thankfulness shine through your deeds of compassion and joy.

I will be there to enjoy the very Good News and all the other good newses…. with a fruit salad.

Ken +

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