From the Vicar: If not obligation then what?

I was quite pleased that my news article last week resulted in a couple of very positive reactions. Often I write things which result in a loud snoring sound rising from all around the city. But last week several people told me that they really appreciated what I wrote. So I thought that today I should do a follow-up to it.

If we do not call Sunday a Day of Obligation, what should an Anglican call it? I am looking to you for answers. How do you see Sunday morning worship? What word or phrase would you use to substitute for ‘obligation?’

This is not a rhetorical question. I am hoping to get a lot of email answers from you. You don’t need to write much, just the word, or the phrase will suffice.

An example: joy… Someone could write to me an email with just that word and I would know she or he is saying ‘I think Anglicans should think of Sunday worship as a day of joy.’ Simple and clear.

So what word or phrase would you use? I look forward to receiving your answers and will report on the answers in next week’s newsletter.


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