From the vicar: it was a miracle!

“It was a miracle!” That is what the father told me when he called me at the parish centre yesterday. The miracle is that everyone in his family survived the fire that destroyed a significant part of the house they live in. He woke up in the night to voices outside. When he looked out the window people gathered on the street pointed to the rooftop to let him know that smoke was coming out of the rooftop. He ran to the far side of the house to where the children were sleeping. He succeeded in carrying then all out to safety, thanks be to God. “It was a miracle!”

I have asked the family how we as a congregation can help. At this point all he asks of us is that we join him in giving glory and praise to God for the mercy given in what could have been a most horrific tragedy. There may well come a time in the near future when we can offer them clothes, toys, beds, etc. But for now, according to his wishes, it is enough to be thankful.

When you see Kingston and Felicia next, let them know that we do indeed thank God for all His blessings. Amen!

Welcome visitors. I love it when we have visitors at our Sunday morning services. I love it even more when the visitors are local. Last Sunday we had both tourist and local visitors. I have to consider that every local visitor might be a potential new member. Beautiful music, inspired preaching, historic architecture… All these are nice… But people looking for a new congregation, according to the “experts,” are said to be most influenced by friendly and welcoming people. Several active and meaningful members of our ministry team have moved away this summer. As we pray God to send us new workers to help us in our mission, let us be ready, when they arrive, to welcome them with grace and fellowship, a handshake and a word of welcome.

The Vicar/Dean is off to Freiburgtoday....It looks as if Freiburg’s long journey to find a new vicar is just about over. I am training to Freiburg right now for the final visit with the vicar-designate as he gets his first chance to meet the people and see the town. If all goes well he will then notify the Bishop that he is indeed willing to accept the appointment. It is a great privilege for me as Area Dean to journey along with both the congregation and the priest as they seek to establish a new pastoral relationship. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The Blessing of Pilgrims: Soon the Canterbury Pilgrims will be departing on their journey. At church this coming Sunday, our Prayers of the People will include a special intention for the Pilgrims. Let’s send them off with our blessings.

Bible study for the remainder of August, …tonight… 20:00 St. Thomas Beckett will be the Saint in whose life we see reflected the glory of God. We will search to find in his life scriptural allusions and themes. 12th, 19th, and 26th August there will be a Pause, with the Bible study beginning again in September.

Hymns for this coming Sunday
Opening: Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
Offertory: The Servant Song
Final: To God be the Glory

A very good deed, indeed! Two of our fellow parishioners are currently in Hannover as lynchpin members of a team of dedicated people offering Germany’s first ever Summer camp for disabled children…to be specific, children missing limbs. Dieter and Susan are involved in this wonderful work due to Dieter’s work with both German and international organizations for the support of amputees and limbless people. We should give thanks to God for their dedicated ministry, and for a safe, fun, and empowering camp for the kids involved in it.

Women’s Group In August, as so many people are away, we are not planning on having a Coffee Morning. Our next meeting will be on 17th September from 10 until 12 in the Parish Centre. I look forward to seeing you all then – regulars as well as any new comers, who will be most welcome.
Best wishes

Men’s Pub Night – is due to meet on Thursday 13th August. If you are in town and would like to meet up please mail – suggestions of locations also welcome.

St. Catherine’s Anglican Church Stuttgart
Friends of the English Church e.V.

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