Greetings from a train somewhere between London and York…

First, let me apologize for my failure to write a message last week.  The pilgrimage to Canterbury occupied my attention so fully that it was already too late before I even realized that I had failed to do it.
I won’t bother to try to tell you all the highlights of the pilgrimage. They are too numerous to list. I’ll just say that several of the pilgrims are already asking where next year’s Pilgrimage should take place. I take that as a great affirmation.
One highlight for me personally was the final meal Saturday evening, The Last Supper.  Bp David Hamid and his lovely wife Colleen, drove down from London to join us for the final hours of the pilgrimage.  We were in a large and crown dining room.  So in order to be heard, each pilgrim came to stand near me and the Bishop to tell him something about how the pilgrimage had impacted by them.  It was so interesting to hear the variety of comments. The Bishop listened very carefully to all, offering comments and suggestions in a genuinely pastoral way.  I am not sure that the Bishop realized that he was becoming a highlight of the pilgrimage through his personal connection to many who had never before had an opportunity to discuss spiritual things with a Bishop.
Needless to say, I think it was an amazing time for all.
Maybe next year you will want to be a pilgrim too.  K+
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