Good News…. the Used English Book Sale and Bake Sale for 2015 is coming up soon! (Exact date in July to be confirmed)
Now is the time to start thinking about which committee you want to volunteer for…. The Food Tent? The Bake Sale? The Cash Box Keepers? The Gift Basket raffle? The Children’s Department? The Publicity Team? Set Up Team? Pack Up Team? There are plenty of jobs available for all. Each year when we do the Book sale, it seems to grow and grow. This year we actually have the opportunity to have the main book sale in the church, but a secondary sale in the Parish Centre as well. However we decide to utilize our spaces, one thing is clear…. we will need a good number of helpers. If you already know how you would like to assist,… let Pat Schultz know. If you are willing to work wherever needed most, let Pat Schultz know. She can be contacted by email at

Goodbye to the Petersons… We had to bring our St. Catherine’s Wheel out on Sunday morning to say Good-bye to the Family Peterson. They have been with us for several wonderful years, and their boys, now teenagers, have served often as acolytes for our most important services. As they move back to the USA, to Alabama, specifically, they will take with them our St. Catherine’s candle, a visible reminder of our gratitude for the shared ministry, and our hope for their new ministry in their new church home. May God be with them ’til we meet again. Amen.

Baptism of Meyer’s 2nd Baby This coming Sunday, 28 June, we will all have the opportunity to witness and celebrate the baptism of another Baby Meyer. Yes, Christoph and Tsega Meyer will be coming back from Munich to have their second baby baptized here at St. Catherine’s. Even though they now live in Munich, they are always part of St. Catherine’s!

Flea Market in Heusteigsviertel A team of volunteers has been assembled to work the big Heusteigsviertel Flohmarkt all day Sunday. We have one team doing the set-up and morning sales, and a second team coming over to help them in the afternoon. Thanks to all those who so graciously give of their time and talent to help out with this project. Based on our experience with previous Flea Markets, half the people who come up to buy our things want also to find out more about St. Catherine’s Church. So, while we all hope our team makes good profit on the day, we also hope that we might spread the good word about our church even further afield, and possibly bring in a few new members as well.

Summer picnic in Ulm –While some of us are off after church to the Flea Market at the Heusteigsviertel, raising much needed funds for the renovation of the new Parish Centre, a few of us will be off in the other direction, to Ulm where our mission there is saying good-bye to Family Christ, who are returning to USA, Indiana, specifically. The good-bye party there, will in the context of the annual Summer Fellowship Picnic. Interested in coming along? Talk to the vicar.

A Thank You Note from Fr. Wolfgang…

Dear Ken, I thank you again very much for the beautiful service yesterday. I also want to thank all participants, especially the helpers during the subsequent reception many times. This celebration is my fond memories and strengthens me for the time in England.

Good wishes, Wolfgang

Have you noticed? How could you not have noticed? Recently Stephen Brown reactivated the St. Catherine’s Choir. Wow! What an addition it makes to the musical aspects of our Sunday morning service. This has been possible largely due to the availability of a rehearsal space in the new Parish Centre. Please let the singers and musicians know how much you appreciate their contributions to the liturgy and our parish life. And give thanks to God for the very talented people he has blessed us with at St. Catherine’s Church.

If you are interested in joining the choir e-mail Stephen on

Summer Fellowship Opportunity #1 American Football Game, Stuttgart Scorpions vs. Marburg Mercenaries, at Gazi Stadium, the first weekend of August. More details to follow. Who do you know who might enjoy a fun afternoon of sport and intercultural dialog? If we get enough interest we could even have a parking lot tailgate party. If you don’t know what that is, you really need to come and find out.

Summer Fellowship Opportunity #2 – Sunset Viewing Party at Bopser Tea House… possible date… Sunday afternoon 30 August, gathering around 1830….for supper, drinks, conversation, etc… until sunset at around 20:00 p.m. The view from the Teehaus is spectacular, and it is almost a mystical experience to see the solar disk drop below the horizon. Especially when it is not raining or cloudy.

Summer Fellowship Opportunity #3 End of Summer Picnic in the Park – either 13 or 20 September – Either in Park Villa Berg or Park Killesberg. Let the vicar know your preferences on dates and place.

Ladies’ Evening Group after enjoying Vietnamese this Tuesday (thank you to Elinor for organising) in July we will be hoping for fair weather and a taste traditional German summer in the Amadeus beer garden. Monday 13th July c. 19:00. If you’d like to join us please speak to Jackie or e-mail

Men’s Pub Night – the next chance for the men to have a pint together will be Thursday 9th July – if you have a favourite beer garden e-mail with your suggestion.

From the Vicar: Fund raising

As you read the News today you will found references to both flea market and book sale as ways of raising funds for the church and to support the many missions of the church. Perhaps it is good that we “unpack” this just a bit. The full annual budget of St. Catherine’s is roughly 75,000 euros. This gathered together over the year from various sources. Some of it comes from fund-raisers, such as the flea markets… rather small scale, but profitable to a point. Thus far we have raised something less than 1000 euros, and at the one this Sunday, we could raise easily another 500 or so. 1500 from flea markets…. that is great! But it is also a drop in the bucket to what is our total need. The book sale/ bake sale takes it to the next level. At this fund-raiser, we sometimes raise as much as a couple thousand euros…. a huge event with large profit, but still, when compared to the whole budget, it is clear that the bulk of our money comes from some source other than books and cupcakes. Lessons and Carols raises on average 2000 euros…But still. Such extra event fund-raisers only help a little. The main source of our funding comes from the generosity of grateful people, mostly members of the church, who know that it is their spiritual responsibility to empower the work of the church through prayers, donations, and volunteer labour. Through pledges, tithes, and regular contributions to the church through either the offering plates, or bank transfers, we generally manage to pay our bills, and give a good bit away in the name of Christ. Some years we end up in a deficit. It looks like this might be one of those years,…. a very unfortunate situation, seeing as we have just taken on the additional financial responsibility for the new Parish Centre. We have a very limited amount of backup money in the bank. If we have deficit a few years in a row, we could be in serious trouble. It is my prayer that each and every member of St. Catherine’s, take seriously this financial situation. The gifts of all of us add up. But if only half of us do it…. well, you know the answer to that without me having to tell you. The year is just half over. The next six months will tell the tale. K+

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