News for 17th May

Flea Market continues… That’s right. It was open during the book sale, and again on Sunday after church. There was a lot of business on Sunday afternoon, as the good weather coaxed people out into the streets, where they found themselves drawn into the Anglican Centre for some spontaneous shopping. Let’s hope the same thing happens this coming weekend, The place is full of many things of interest, with excellent prices. Drop by, if you have nothing to do, and see if Gary needs someone to help out for a while… or see if there is anything you personally would like to buy. Remember that all the proceeds are for the good of the ministry of St. Catherine’s.

The vicar will be away this Sunday, visiting one last time to the north west Germany Mission field. The British military chaplains are leaving, and the people are like sheep without a shepherd. The Diocese wants to get some diocesan worshiping communities started which could grow into chaplaincies like our own. One thing is needed: information on all who might be interested. . Do you have friends, family, or colleagues living in or around the towns of Bielefeld, Detmold, Hameln, Osnabrück, Lübbecke, or Paderborn? Ask if they have any interest in being part of an English-language worship community. The vicar will be glad to put them in touch with the right people in each town.

The Wednesday Night Bible Study Group want to take a trip.  Would you like to join them in a visit to the newly refurbished Bible Musuem?  It is no longer in Moehringen, but now at the Hospitalhof in downtown Stuttgart.  It also has a new name: Bibliorama.  It is a high tech trip into the history of the Bible which will prove to be very interesting. Would you like to join the group and come along?  If so, contact the vicar.  There will be an English language tour given by the director of the museum.  The date is yet a good way off, but start planning now:  Wednesday Night, 28 June, 6 p.m….8 euro per person.  Less for students and pensioners.

Easter concludes with Pentecost! Our tradition of Pentecost Voices on Pentecost Day: How many ways can we say He is Risen!
We encourage all church members who can speak in a language other than German and English to come and proclaim Easter in their own language, as the disciples did in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost.  After they received the Holy Spirit, they ran out into the busy streets of Jerusalem telling everyone that Jesus was risen from the dead… In languages from all around the Mediterranean they told of the great Easter miracle.  We do the same, each in his or her own words, in his or her own language.  It is wonderful to hear so many languages from all around the world telling of Christ’s death on the cross and rising from the grave.  In years past we have had nearly all European languages, many West African languages, as well as Zulu and Afrikaans from South Africa, 4 or 5 Indian languages, and other eastern Asian languges. Tagalag, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay…etc.  Do you speak a “tongue” in which you could tell of Jesus’ Love and the Cross and the empty tomb?

Womens’ Group: We are meeting again on Thursday, 18th May from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. Look forward to seeing you there.
Alison Seyerle

The next St. Catherine’s Ladies’ Evening Group (LEGS) will be on Tuesday 23rd
May from 19:00, we’ll take up Meg’s suggestion of going to Fatousch: It’s at Sigmaringerstr. 68 in
Möhringen – near the U-Bahn stops Riedsee and Möhringen Bahnhof.
please let Meg know if you can join us by e-mailing

The Search Process has begun: On Tuesday night, the Archdeacon came down from Frankfurt to meet with the Parish Council and begin the process of selecting a new vicar. Step One is to develop a Parish Profile: Who are we, how do we work? Where are we from? What do we believe?…etc.  Look out for ways in which you can contribute your thoughts – coming in future news mailouts.

Something Special on Pfingst Montag:  On Pentecost Monday, the Stiftkirche will host a special worship service for all the foreign langauge congretations in Stuttgart. Following the service, there will be a parade from the church through downtown to the Hospitalhof  where a full programme of hospitality and events will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.  I will be attending, and would be glad if you would like to join me.  —Ken+

From the Vicar:   In hot water!

No I am not in hot water,… but I wish I were.  I am actually suffering from lack of hot water.  It seems that the old faithful water heater in my apartment will soon be complicating my life further by ceasing to function.  At the moment, it functions a bit.  I turn it on when washing dishes, and when the water stops being hot, I turn it on again.  It is more complicated when trying to do my morning ablutions.  I get everything ready in the shower, turn on the water and hope for the best.  Some days the water comes out warm, stays warm and all seems right with the world.  Other days I jump optimistically into the shower, and just about the time I am completely wet, I feel the water cooling off.  I jump out of the shower, tread carefully not to slip on the tile floor, and make my drippy way back to the kitchen to reset the heater, hoping that it will stay good long enough to all me to finish my shower.  I get very nervous once the shampoo and soap are applied, knowing that the trip into the kitchen to reset the water will be even more awkward with soap burning my eyes.

It doesn’t go bad every day or I would probably have had it fixed already.  But it did go bad this morning.  I was not in the mood to fight it, so I just got out of the cold shower, dried my feet which were about the only parts of my body that got wet, dressed and left the apartment without having shaved or showered. So I used the extra minutes saved from dressing early than normal to go to my neighbourhood barber shop to get my haircut.  I decided to get my haircut, and… to get the barber to shave me.  I have never had someone else shave me before.  And I must admit it was quite pleasant, especially when he splashed after shave lotion on my face.

I was worried as he came at my face with an old fashioned straight razor for a few minutes.  The background music in the barber shop was the pop song from many years ago, where the singer sing “Baby don’t hurt me!”  This is not a good song to hear when the barber is holding a straight razor up to  your neck, even if his name is not Baby.  I am glad to report that it all ended bloodlessly.   And in just a few minutes I will go try again to make an attempt at a warm shower.  Wish me luck.  I want to be in hot water!

This vicar’s letter has no real point, but it is possibly a distraction from the politics, corruption, computer hacking, electioneering, and such things which one cannot avoid on the news.  That seems enough of a reason to write it.  I hope you agree that it was not too much a waste of time.

Ken +

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