News for the beginning of Lent …

After the pancake celebration on Sunday, our three Ash Wednesday services switched our focus to Lenten reflectiveness. At the start of Lent the altar frontals and clergy robes change to purple, our liturgy will change and the altar will be flower free until Easter.
Have you given up something for Lent or taken up a spiritual devotion? Anglicans Online, Christian Aid and the Archbishop of Canterbury have various resources for Lenten reflection if you need inspiration. Not forgetting our own Bishop’s Lent Appeal

Message from the Wardens
The vicar is back from America, and off again to the CAECG meeting in Freiburg, so this week we have a message, or more of a plea, from the wardens. On Sunday mornings the wardens are tasked with finding people to do the readings and lead the intercessions: this faces them with two problems:  there is little time to find readers, and many who would otherwise be happy to read do not want to do it unprepared. If you would be prepared to read one of the lessons or the intercessions, please contact Eric Jarman during the week before the service, and you will be given the necessary texts in good time for preparation. If you are in the position to read spontaneously, then you can offer your help to Eric or Mark on Sunday morning.

This Sunday’s readings are:
Genesis 2.15-17: 3.1-7
Romans 5.12-19
Matthew 4.1-11

Women’s Group At our last meeting, apart from enjoying a cup of tea and a chat – and English tea cakes,  we had a very effective hymnbook-repairing session and also heard about Ken’s trip to America. For our next meeting we are back to the usual third Thursday in the month ie on the 16th March from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. See you there.
Alison Seyerle –

The Annual General Meeting is approaching on the 23rd April, have you got the date in your diary? Are you on the electoral roll – fill out the form? Have you considered whether you would be willing to stand for election to the council – talk to one of the current members? Could you sign up to contribute to the lunch? Heather is coordinating the lunch, which will be a simple sandwhich affair, she has a list of items the council would like people to donate – if you would like to help please e-mail Heather on Thank you.

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