News from St. Catherine’s

“Baptisms and More”… this Sunday, dress very comfortably… it may well be hot inside the church, what with the sunshine and the big crowd. We anticipate a bigger than normal service, due to the many things added into the service: baptism of 3 children and one adult; and a ceremony of Welcoming a Child into her First Communion. It will all be wonderful. Just dress for warm weather.

Final Service for KRD+ in Ulm Sunday 2nd July will be the vicar’s last service in Ulm. There will be a baptism for Baby Scarlett, a Eucharist, and a reception supper (pot luck) to follow. Would you like to go? Talk to the vicar and he will seek to arrange either transport in a car, or a BWticket on the train.

Final Service for KRD+ in Stuttgart Sunday 9th July will be the vicar’s last service in Stuttgart … make sure you read the other e-mail you will receive this evening detailing all the important things you to know about this event – and all the things you should do by  2nd July in preparation for it!

Trip to Bibliorama… This tour, organized by the Wednesday Bible Study group, will visit the newest incarnation of the Bible Museum, on Wednesday 28th June, beginning at 18:00. The maxium size of our group is 15 members. This is just a warning: the list is almost full. If you would like to go, please contact the vicar to get your name on the list.
The tour will cost Eur 8.00 per person, to be paid at the door. Last week the notice in the newsletter mistakenly put 5 euros…. which would be the normal, standard admittance, but our group will have an English-speaking guided tour. The 3 euro difference is for the tour guide. (Trinkgeld).

Parish Profile is coming along… Did you complete the survey yet? If not don’t wait, please complete it today.
If you didn’t receive the e-mail with the link to the survey please contact the Webmaster to get one sent ( Your participation is crucial to the writing of the parish profile.

Attention Newcomers and Not-yet-pledgers This is one last appeal for anyone still wishing to submit a pledge to the Church for 2017, to do so now, so that your participation can be added to all the others who do the same. A pledge is an indicaiton of how much you can contribute financially to supporting the ministry of St. Catherine’s in the coming year. It is critical that the Parish Council have the best information about the expected budget when trying to figure out a plan for the compensation package for the next vicar. Use the pledge form attached to this newsletter… and return it by email to as quickly as you can.

Good News from a Far-away parishioner: Congratulations to Brooke S. who has got a job in Saarbruecken! She has completed her studies in Dance in Dresden, and has been hired by the Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken

Baptismal Practice …. Saturday morning at 10 a.m. in the Office (Olgastrasse 56)

Laura’s Recital… Tuesday June 27th at 18:30 in the Kammermusiksaal at the Musikhochschule. It is a lecture recital: The Life and Songs of Emilie Zumsteeg. It will be in German and it is free.

A Musical Surprise this Sunday? Stand by to be suprised when you see who is sharing the organ bench this coming Sunday… there could well be an old friend playing!!! Come along and find out.

Welcoming Visitors and Guests… Please prepare yourselves to welcome many guests on the Vicar’s Last Sunday. Along with a big handful of visiting clergy, and friends of the vicar from other churches, he expects six special guests as well: member’s of Ken’s family from Texas. His brother, Gregg, his sister-in-law, Debbi, Their son, Joshua, his wife, Cassie, and their two daughters, Madison and Audrey, are all making the long trip here for his last service. (The vicar is asking for help: They will only have 2 days in Stuttgart. What do you think they should see? Let the vicar know any good ideas you think they might like to see.)

From the Vicar: Making a good exit
Even while certain members of the Parish council are making plans for the good-bye party on 9th July, I have been making plans for a party to say good-bye to the many clergy and musical friends from all around the Stuttgart area. These last 11 years would not have been nearly as pleasant were it not for the friendly way that colleagues have assisted me in many projects. Both clergy and musical colleagues have helped me understand the culture, recognize the differences between congregations, and find new and exciting places to use as venues for everything. I am so grateful to them that I cannot rely only on words. Instead I am throwing a nice party just to say thanks to them. My party will, of course, be a Texas style party with mexican chili and cornbread, Louisiana meat pies, lots of avocado, and various libations. I wish I could throw a party big enough for all of you reading this newsletter. But I am relieved to know that this is not necessary, since the Parish Council is working to arrange just such a party on 9 July, immediately following the Holy Eucharist. Honoured guests at my party include representatives from both the Catholic and Protestant Landeskirchen, people from several Freikirche. And some who might not necessarily be part of either of the recognized churches. And….. musicians who have sung, played, or accompanied at any of the many musical liturgy and evenings we have had over the years.
My theory is that saying good-bye is really saying thank you one last time. And as with so many of the colleagues invited to my party, there are simply too many thanksgivings to name them all. The same will hold true on the 9th of July, when I will be overflowing with thanksgiving for the wonderful 11 years we have had together. How can I possibly begin to show you all my gratitude? Impossible. Well, not impossible to begin to say thank you…. but impossible to ever end being grateful.

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