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From the vicar: I am feeling increasingly “lame duck”

Do you know the term “Lame Duck”? In America we use it to describe an elected official who was not reelected to his post, but still has weeks or months in office until the replacement begins his or her term in office. From November’s election, President Obama was a “lame duck” until the inauguration in January when he finally left office. A lame duck can see the end coming quickly but doesn’t really have any new work to do. Too late to start something new. Too late to make up for any mistakes I have made. I am lamed. That I can see,… but honestly, I can’t for the world understand why I am a duck. Anyone know where t his phrase comes from? It is not a good feeling. But I don’t think there is anything I can do about it. 7 weeks yet to go. Pray for me. I want to finish the race that is before me in good style, with the same energy I had when I began this race. Not waddling lamely to the finish line…. like a duck! K+

The race we are about to run … the search for a new priest…
Dear people of St. Catherines,
As a first step towards finding a new priest to take over at St. Catherine’s after Ken leaves, we – the Church Council – have to draw up documents describing what our church has to offer, and how we would like to develop it with our new priest.
For this, we need your input!
To make it easier for you to let us know what you think, we have hung some posters with questions in the Anglican Centre. Please go over to the centre before or after church and use the materials provided to contribute – there are opinion polls you can take part in by just sticking on a coloured dot and sections where you can leave us comments on post-its or cards. There are 8 sections altogether – make sure you have a look at them all (they’re all over the Anglican Centre, including in the office, so it’s a bit like a treasure trail!).
If you can’t get to the Anglican Centre, or want to look at the questions again or leave longer comments, there will also soon be an on-line version of the survey – we will send round the address as soon as we have it!
We look forward to getting all your good ideas and comments
– the Church Council

Congratulations to The Flea Market team…
When the Book Sale / Bake Sale / Flea Market ended two weeks ago, the Flea Market team decided to leave their things out for Sunday afternoon. The brisk sales of Sunday convinced them to leave them out again for the following weekend. Their bet paid off well. Over the 3 additional sales days, and additional 500 euros was collected. Congratulations Gary and team. Great work!

Welcome into the world Baby Talitha… Born yesterday in the Katharinenhospital, Baby Talitha joins two big sisters who seemed quite excited to have a baby sister. Mother and Father are happy that both mother and baby are healthy and surrounded with love. Can you guess who the parents are? Let’s give a big hint… they came back from UK to have the baby born in Germany. Their initials are C and T. I was glad to be able to visit them in the hospital today, where we anointed the mother for healing, offered prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of a child, and shared communion around the bed. It may not have looked like church, but it felt like church.

A Note from a Parishioner soon to be living in Berlin
Recently we had a good-bye ceremony with the Wheel for Francis R., a long time parishioner who is moving to Berlin near his family where he and his wife will get better care. He sent a nice thank you note, and has authorised me to print this where everyone can read it.

Dear Ken,
Thank you so much for your and the congregation’s wonderful good-bye present!
We indeed light it on our coffee table in these, our last few evenings here, and so ‘see’ your presence.
Thank you also for truly weighty, inspiring words in the services.   By the way, I slightly miss the words of Cranmer in the text of the service, but I think you know that!
I say the prayer starting ‘ .. unto whom all hearts be open’ every night, ever thinking about ‘the thoughts of our hearts’ —  who had thought of that?    —  I see it is from 590 A. D.
In the 1970s, John Cranko said to me of his famed ballet mistress Anne Woolliams that she had her religion (she went to St Catherine’s) and that was how she was what she was, very strong.   I think that was true.
Please keep me up with your news from the U. S. of A! —  where I have so often happily worked, with your excellent and willing orchestras.
With all good wishes,  Francis.

The Feast of the Ascension will be observed Sunday at our 11:15 service. Here are the hymns we will sing:
Opening “Hail the day that sees him rise”…… Hymn 167

Offertory . “Rejoice! The Lord is King”…….…Hymn 563

Final: …“The head that once was crowned with thorns”……Hymn 172

Women’s Group – change of date Due to various circumstances we are having to change our usual meeting time from the third Thursday in the month, so please note that our next meeting will be on the fifth Thursday, namely 29th June from 10 until 12 in the Parish Centre. It will probably be the last time Ken is able to attend our meeting so please come along and give him a good send-off!
Alison Seyerle

The vicar will be away next week at Diocesan Synod in Cologne, Monday through Friday. This once a year gathering of delegates from each of the deaneris across the diocese takes place in the Kardinal Schulte Haus in the suburbs of Cologne, a former seminary for Roman Catholic priests. This will be my last chance to represent the Deanery of Germany in this way. It is mostly business, like an extended 5 day long annual meeting. But the cameraderie of the clergy and lay delegates makes for an atmosphere of great celebration. And… the worship is spectacular in the beautiful Edith Stein Chapel.

Ladies’ Evening Group our next LEGS will be from 19:00 on Tuesday 20th June at the Schweine Museum – Schlachthof. Plesae let Anne know if you’re planning to come –

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