News from St. Catherine’s Anglican Church

(The editor is busy baking for the bazaar – so if you spot any typos … sorry!)

The Bazaar is here! How can you help? There are several ways to help.

      1. Come and shop
      2. Bring your friends to come and shop with you
      3. Bring or send things that can be sold at the Bazaar…. edibles or interesting things, or books, or homemade items. Variety is good.
      4. Advertise around your neighbourhood and workplace. Talk it up.
      5. Come and after shopping, help out. Ask Pat how you can be helpful. Surely someone will want a breaktime.

Next Sunday: The Last Sunday before Advent…or The Feast of Christ the King… with a Stewardship twist for our new members. And a presentation from our Sunday School. (Parents of kids in the Sunday School…. we really need as many of our Sunday School kids present as possible….please bring them this coming Sunday.)

Advent at St. Cat’s

  • 1st Advent…..The Great Litany in Procession
  • 2nd Advent… Toy Collection
  • 3rd Advent… Lessons and Carols – 17:00 Leonhardskirche
  • 4th Advent…. Children’s Nativity Play

Women’s Coffee Morning… with a special guest expected. 10 a.m. Thursday, 17 November in the Anglican Centre.

Ladies Evening Group – Monday 21st November – 19:00 at Noodle 1 on Wilhelmplatz – we can’t reserve so we’re taking a chance – please let us know if you are coming so that we can let you know if we have to move on.

Bible Study begins again! Every Wednesday at 20h00. In the Anglican Centre…. Bring your own Bible or borrow one of ours. No experience necessary. All are welcome.

Project Choir for Lessons and Carols.... If you are interested, please let Stephen Brown know.  He is our English Organist, and will be planning and preparing our Lessons and Carols. Male voice and female voices are needed. Especially male.

Who is interested in Confirmation or Reception into the Anglican Church? I have been able to schedule a visit by Bishop David Hamid on 18-19 March 2017. If you want to take advantage of his visit to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, please let me know, so that we can commence immediately with preparations.

The advertising flyers for our Lessons and Carols have been printed, and they are beautiful! But they don’t do any good for us if they sit lonely on the shelf at the back of the church. We need them to be distributed all around the city. Please, if each of use would take 20-50 or so with us, we can hand them out to friends, neighbours, and co-workers. Leave them in your bakery or any store which allows handouts. Thanks.

From the Vicar: My recovery continues

Did you know that the health insurance pays for the hospital, doctors and related medical costs for my knee surgery, but it doesn’t pay for the phyiscal therapy which follows up the hospitalization. Instead those costs, for the 3 weeks of daily sessions are paid for by the German Retirement insurance. What? Does that make sense? It seemed odd to me until I asked the expert. He told me that if my rehabilitation goes badly, and I am permenently disabled and cannot work, I would have to take an early retirement. So who has the greatest interest in making sure I get a good Reha? The pension people. They do not want me to start taking payments early. Therefore they see to it that I get the best follow-up possible. Not only did I get the three weeks, but I have now entered into a 2nd phase of Reha which pays for 24 additional therapy sessions scheduled to my convenience. I like this system.

Daily I find myself stronger and better. But it will still take time for me to give up my walking sticks. It will still take time before I can walk at the speed most of you walk. Please continue to be patient with me. Believe me, I am trying to heal as fast as I can! With so much Christmas joy coming soon, I do not want to be left behind!


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