St. Catherine’s … the mission continues

Ken’s departure means that we at St. Catherine’s are now approaching an interregnum … an interwhat you may well ask yourself.
As the American children’s book character, Fancy Nancy, would say, “An interregnum is a fancy word for when a church doesn’t have a vicar”.
In Galatians 6 v.2 St. Paul writes, “Help to carry one another’s burdens …” over the coming months the Church Council will be grateful of your support in helping carry all the burdens normally borne by the vicar. We are very lucky – we have a team of clergy who are able to cover the preaching, celebrating, baptising … all those things that we laity can’t do. But there are many more things that Ken has been doing, partly in his job as vicar, partly just as himself. It will take a lot of us to fill his shoes.

  • Roger is looking to build up a team of people to welcome newcomers – could you offer to buddy a newcomer, welcome them to St. Catherine’s, sit with them for the first couple of weeks, maybe arrange to do something social together or help them get to know the area? Speak to Roger or drop him an e-mail at
  • Heather is looking for a lead person for the Bosper Sunset Viewing party – the suggestion this year is that we hold it in August so that families with children can join in – given they don’t have to go to school the next day. If you could collect names, book a table and on the night call people over to sit together – let Heather know.
  • Eric is looking for a pool of people who sometimes have time during office hours to staff the Parish office. For security reasons we need two persons for each shift. This need not be a whole morning or afternoon.

Some people have already offered to take on roles:

  • Katy K will act as contact and co-ordinator for the Bible Study Bible –
  • Gary A will be the liason person with the Ulm congregation
  • Frances will not just be editing, but also compiling the weekly news mail out. You can send her any information of interest to the congregation, prayer requests …

Other people will continue to do what they have always done and will now become the first point of contact;

Over the coming months we have to ensure that St. Catherine’s continues to grow and thrive. If for no better reason than we don’t want our treasurer Jackie to go grey before the new vicar arrives! We can only afford to pay a new vicar, if our income remains stable, and preferably rises … a faithful few could give more, but more people helping to carry the cost of the church is always a better option, so we need to ensure that even without a vicar we continue to be an active, welcoming and involving congregation. Ken may be returning to Texas, but our mission continues.
The St. Catherine’s Church Council

Havc you given your attendance numbers to the Warden? On 9 July, following the vicar’s last service, there will be a catered lunch for all in attendance. (The fine people of St. Catherine’s are asked only put a donation in the box towards the cost and sign up to bring some kind of dessert, let Heather know what you are planning to bring
The buffet is being prepared by Pukki’s Thai restaurant. Eric the Warden is compiling a list of how many people plan on staying for lunch. Please let him know that you are going and how many from your family or group will be joining you for lunch.

Last Sunday was fun! What a privilege it is to witness 4 baptisms on one day. We welcome to our family: Andrea, Britney, Derrick, and Baby Talitha. May all the angels in heaven, and all the faithful here below, rejoice to see their souls saved!

Yet another baptism this coming Sunday in Ulm… Baby Scarlett will be initiated through the waters of the font into the family of faith. This will be the highlight of the vicars “Abscheidsgottesdienst” in Ulm. But there will many other “lights” as well: music by Ben Williams, a Bible knowledge quiz, by Eva, and a gorgeous Pot Luck supper/ Empfang at the end of the service. The honoured Guest for the service will be the Rev’d Stefan Krauter, a priest in the Ev. Landeskirche, who is the facilitator from the Muenstergemiende, who makes possible our English services in Ulm.

Congratulations to Clare S. who made her First Communion last Sunday. It is a big day when one enters into this relationship with Christ: the fellowship of Table and Grace.

The Vicar is off to Budapest Friday morning. Why? A Wedding, of course. The Bride, Nora is from Hungary so it makes sense. The groom is from Australia. The vicar jokingly suggested that he would rather do the wedding in Sydney, but… they chose Budapest. So, being the flexible vicar that he is, he has agreed. He flies on Friday for the Saturday wedding. Plan is that he will be back late Saturday night. Please keep Nora and Simon in your prayers.

Women’s Coffee Morning: Have been busy repairing some broken prayerbooks and hymnals at this month’s meeting of this women’s fellowship group. The Women’s Group welcomes all women to come to the Anglican Centre one a month and participate in conversation, tea/coffee, cake and projects. If you want to join us in future get in touch with Alison

The Bible Study Group’s trip to Bibliorama was a great success… 12 of us were able to explore and discover this great hands-on museum, good for both children and adults. If you are feeling left out, be aware that the Bibliorama (Bible Museum) is open with regular hours, and you do not have to be part of a group to visit it. Here is the website with more information: Bibliorama – Das Bibelmuseum Stuttgart

Proposed Hymns for Next Sunday:

Ladies’ Evening Group – our next meeting will be Tuesday 11th July from 19:00 at Amadeus, near Charlottenplatz. Contact Anne if you can join us

Four Pilgrims have had to drop out for good reason, which opens up four slots. Would you like to take part in the St. Cat’s Pilgrimage to York? 2 August – 6 August 2017. Please let the vicar/pilgrimage leader know of your interest and he can explain all the details.

St. Catherine’s Bazaar It’s never to early to think about our Bazaar – Saturday 18th November, but a word from a now much wiser webmaster … if you are planning to make jam for the bazaar it does help to buy the jam sugar as well as the fruit! I suppose another run up and down the hill into town helps keep you fit!

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