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From the Vicar: Did you see the video I made? I was asked by a Committee of the Diocesan Synod to prepare a video report on our work with refugees. The Diocesan Synod is a body comprised of delegates from each deanery and archdeaconry in the diocese. They gather once a year in Cologne to do the business of the diocese. Well, the synod is coming up soon, starting 13th June, so I had no time to stop and plan. I had to act fast, and although I have never made a video clip before, I have seen so many on Facebook, I figured, “How hard can it be?”
Last Sunday before church I went down the Lorenzstaffel to the Anglican Centre, and with my little smart phone, made a short (4 min.) video clip. I spoke as I filmed so I am both cinematographer and narrator. It was all quite spontaneous and shot in one “take”. Interested in seeing it? I have posted it on my Facebook page, where the reaction has been most positive. If you are not a Facebook user, you might be able to see it on the church website.

Once you have seen it I would appreciate hearing your comments. Tell me what you think I left out, but should have been included. Tell me if there is something you disagree with. Tell me if there is some other aspect of our parish life that could also be included in such a short video. And especially tell me if you can use it or share it to promote our ministry to the city of Stuttgart. I give my permission for you to share it as widely as possible. Who knows, I could be the next Hitchcock…. I already have the profile. K+

Hymns for Sunday, 5 June:

Garden Party Thanks: Let’s give special thanks to J, R, A & B for opening their garden for our BBQ party on Sunday. The rain held off, the grill did an excellent job of what grills do best, the children shrieked with delight on the trampoline and other outdoor play equipment. Libations flowed freely and there was the best salad table I have seen in a long time, with plenty of goodness for all to share. Jim P. took lots of professional pictures, which you can find on the St. Catherine’s Website at this link

A ‘Majestic’ Birthday Party: From now until mid June, Church of England parishes all around England and the Diocese in Europe will be celebrating the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Most are focusing on the weekend of 11th – 12th June, but we will delay our “birthday party” until after church on 19th June. Just exactly what we are doing is still a bit up in the air. But it will surely involve a birthday cake fit for a queen and something bubbly, some special music, and big birthday card for all to sign, which we will send her after the event. For those who are not subjects of Her Majesty, we are not honouring her for her civic role, but as the Head of the Church of England, who takes her role in the church very seriously, as she does her religious beliefs.

Help! Do you know of an apartment for rent? Mr. Solomon Benjamin, the head of the Evangelische Missionswerk Sudwestdeutschland’s mission work in India, is now living in Stuttgart and worshiping at St. Catherine’s. He desperately needs a place to live, as his wife will be joining him soon. Do you know of a place he can rent? If so, please contact the vicar. His kids are grown, so it need not be a large apartment, but like all church workers he needs a place “affordable”.

Update on the Refugee Ministry: Our Wishlist: As the warm weather intensifies, we are seeing a need for light weight summer clothes for men, women, and children, recreational sport equipment, such as balls, bikes, outdoor games, etc. and electric fans (ventilatoren) and a sewing machine, for a man who is a tailor. So many people need suitcases, the bigger the better. Some which have been donated have been damaged, for example a broken zipper or they are without wheels. Please do not donate broken items. Clean & functional items that can be used is what we seek.

Finance Update…. With the coming of June…we find ourselves half way through 2016. Our church treasurer is preparing a review of our income and expenses for this half way point to see how things are going. At the Annual Meeting in the spring we had the good news that our pledges and bank transfers were up. Now at the half way point we will find out whether it still looks good. He is optimistic. It would be a great boost for the whole congregation if we got a report back saying that all pledges are up to date and that the figures look good. This has not always been the case in previous years. We have been operating in the red for a long time, drawing down on some surpluses in years long past. We really have very little left to draw down on, so please try your best to stay up to date with your financial donations. If your financial situation has changed and you need to revise your pledge or change your bank order, please do so. Likewise if you are new to the church since our pledge drive last autumn, we would be glad to help you know how to go about making a regular contribution to help cover our costs. To those who do pledge regularly and to those who have set up bank transfers and to those who give through the weekly offering plate,… thanks for making this all possible. Since we get no funding from England, or through the German church tax, our only means of survival is through the support of our members and friends. Stay tuned in a few weeks to see the results, good or bad, of the half year review. —K+

Pilgramage to Exeter: There are still a few places available on the St. Catherine’s Pilgrimage to Exeter and St. Boniface’s birth place. September 3rd – 8th. There is still room for you, if you’re interested. Participants arrange their own transport there and back, we have already booked hotels in the old town of Exeter. An optional day in Bath and Wells is planned for anyone interested. (Especially those flying in and out of Bristol.) What will it all cost? Just as an example, I have booked a flight and train from London to Exeter for just about 300 euros, the hotel per night is just 80 euros. You can do the math depending on how many days you want to stay. The main pilgrimage days are 4-8 September, with a gathering on the evening of the 3rd.  If you have an inkling of interest, please talk to me…. I would love to have a group of 15…. although not all need to be members of St. Catherine’s Church. Already we have several from other Anglican churches in Germany and one from Scotland.

Contact for more details.

A Baptismal Day is coming in June:  We have two sisters to be baptised on 25 June. Do you know anyone wishing to be baptised?

Confirmation Class … Are you interested? Want to know more about Christianity in general and Anglicanism in particular? Want to know why we do what we do when we worship? I will be teaching a class lasting several weeks covering many topics. You get to ask lots of questions. When and where we do the classes will depend on who signs up for the classes. Still interested? Please call me or send me an email soon so that we can get planning started. Ken + 017699762001….

Wednesday Bible Study Group…Will continue into the summer meeting each Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Anglican Centre. Starting mid-July there will be summer pause. During the prime holiday time, the group will not meet. Something else is planned, so watch this space as things develop.

Developing Christian Ministry…. a summer teaching weekend sponsored by CAECG… is coming to Stuttgart! 22-23rd July 2016. Anglicans from all over Germany will be coming to Stuttgart to attend a weekend event on the topic “Safeguarding God’s Children” Our own warden Eric Jarman is organising this important workshop. You can sign up to attend…. you can volunteer to host on out of town visitor in your guest room…. you can help on the hospitality committee (food and drink)…. you can pray for the success of the weekend. Many ways you can help. email Eric and let him know which way you want to help.

Fellowship at St. Catherine’s

Women’s Coffee Morning
Last week at our coffee – or rather tea –  morning we were truly international: German, American, English, Syrian, Afghanistan and Indian, English being more or less the common language. We made our guests welcome and they rewarded us by doing all the washing up!  After they had left we helped Lauris sort the Sunday School sheets and made good progress. Our next meeting is on Thursday, 16th June from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre so we look forward to welcoming you then. We’ll see how many guests we collect this time!
Alison Seyerle –

Ladies’ Evening Group – our next meeting will be Monday 11th June, from 19:00 at Amadeus. Please let Anne know if you would like to join us.

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