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From the Diocesan Office we have been informed of the death of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell, retired bishop of the Diocese in Europe. It was a short illness. He died of cancer. Let us all turn to God in time of grief to give thanks for the tremendous work the Holy Spirit was able to do through Bishop Geoffrey,… Bishop, Scholar, Poet, Ecumenist, Pastor, Friend.
Here is an excerpt from the announcement published in the website of the Diocese of Chichester, which is where Bishop Geoffrey had lived since his retirement:

Death of Bishop Geoffrey Rowell.
May he rest in peace and rise in glory. AMEN.
The Bishop of Chichester today (Trinity Sunday) asked parishes in his Diocese to remember the soul of Bishop Geoffrey, who died earlier today.
Bishop Geoffrey was an assistant bishop in the Diocese and Bishop Martin had been able to spend some time with him in recent days.
+Geoffrey was previously Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe in the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe from 2001.
Before that he was Bishop of Basingstoke from 1994-2001, he was chaplain and fellow of Keble College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in Theology from 1972-94.
+Geoffrey served for 10 years on the Church of England’s Liturgical Commission and subsequently on the Doctrine Commission.
Interestingly, Beyond the Church of England, he served as chairman of the Churches’ Funerals Group, the main liaison body between the Churches and the UK government on death-related topics.
He had of course wide experience of ecumenical work and has a long-standing interest in the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches.
It has now been confirmed that Bishop Geoffrey’s funeral will take place in Chichester Cathedral on Wednesday July 5 at 2.30pm. Further details will follow. ( From Chichester diocesan website.)

(Vicar’s Note: I will attend the funeral in Chichester on 5 July and return to Stuttgart on the 6th of July in the evening.) A sympathy card will be available at the back of church on Sunday for those who wish to sign it.

From the Vicar: thoughts about Corpus Christi
Thursday, 15th June is the state holiday known in German as Fronleichnam, or in English as the Feast of Corpus Christi. While it is not often celebrated as a holy day in the Church of England, it is included in the list of feasts in the Book of Common Worship, (p. 4) where it is called “The Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of Holy Communion (Corpus Christi). Since the intention is virtually the same as the celebration of Maundy Thursday, I have not asked for it to be observed at St. Catherine’s. We celebrate Maundy Thursday as the Institution of the Holy Communion/ Last Supper, and give thanks for Holy Communion every Sunday by offering Holy Communion as our standard community mode of worship. Even though I think it a bit redundant for us, I do enjoy participating in some of the local German catholic traditions observed in the villages. For a good many years I have joined with Alfred and Hilary who walk the Corpus Christi Procession in Neuhausen am Fildern every year. It is a beautiful civic-wide event with bands, incense, choirs, carpets of flowers, etc. If any of you have chance to participate in your local Corpus Christi events, know that as Anglicans we have nothing against giving thanks for the Holy Communion. Enjoy and be glad that we can give thanks every Sunday by recieving Holy Communion. KRD+

Hymns for Sunday
386 Be thou my vision BE THOU MY VISION — My Favorite Irish Hymn! 🙂

Vicar’s last Sunday – don’t forget to send your families details to Eric ( if you are planning to stay for the catered lunch, and if you are offering to bring a desert please let Heather know.

L.E.G.S. (The Ladies Evening Group, Stuttgart) will meet on Tuesday 20 June, at 7 p.m. in the Restaurant of the Schweinemuseum (U9-Schlachthof Haltestelle) please e-mail Anne, to let us know if you’d like to join us, new comers and old faces are always welcome.

Vocal Recital by our own Laura Lowry….upon the completion of her studies at the Musikhochschule…..Tuesday June 27th at 18:30 in the Kammermusiksaal at the Musikhochschule. It is a lecture recital: The Life and Songs of Emilie Zumsteeg. It will be in German and it is free.

Wednesday Bible Study Trip to Bibliorama….. 28th June beginning at 18:00…Who wants to come along to visit this new incarnation of the Bible Museum. An English guided tour will be given by the woman who directs Bibliorama. Fun for all ages. ticket costs: 5 euro… Our group is limited to 15 visitors. Register your interest with the Vicar, at
Here is the link: Bibliorama – Das Bibelmuseum Stuttgart : bibliorama – das bibelmuseum stuttgart

Speaking of Email Addresses… please begin now changing your address book. After his retirement, Ken will no long be using the address vicar@st….., He will continue to use his other address:
Thanks. The Webmaster

A Hungarian/Australian Wedding in Budapest… The vicar is called upon to do such things for the good of parishioners and potential parishioners. On 30th June he will fly to Budapest for such an occasion. Nora and Simon live in Tuebingen, and will be attending St. Catherine’s when possible. God willing, he will return on the night of 1st July, to be back at the Altar of St. Catherine’s on 2nd July.

Speaking of 2nd July – The final service of the vicar at the English Church in Ulm, our mission congregation for all those in Ulm, and “um Ulm” will take place at 17:30, on 2nd July… in the regular place: the Upper Room of the Muenstergemeindehaus, Muensterplatz 21, in downtown Ulm. Who might like to travel with the vicar to Ulm for this festive event? Please let him know if you have interest in going.

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