News of the pilgrims …

Our St Catherine’s pilgrimage 2017 came to an end after a Sunday Eucharist in York Minster. This year our trip was shorter, but no less inspiring. During our stay at the Bar Convent near the York train station, the oldest surviving Roman Catholic convent in England, we visited York Minster, with an exclusive tour to the Vestry and the mason’s loft.
In York Minster and Ripon Cathedral, Christians have been singing hymns, reading prayers, breaking the bread and drinking the wine everyday for hundreds of years, bearing witness of God.
We also visited several dissolved and ruined abbeys, Whitby, Rievaulx and Fountains, which are no longer used as a place but are still serving the public as a place for education, sightseeing, camping, leisure, and wedding photoshoots.

On the way to Whitby, when we saw the Ana cross in North York Moors, our convoy made a spontaneous stop and had a walk following the steps of ancient Christians, followed by an outdoor Eucharist in the strong wind filled with scent of lavender.

What a one-a-lifetime experience! Thank you to all the participants, Gary, Axel, Anne, Almut, Monica, Gregg, Wolfgang and Edeltraud, Alain and Laurance and little baby George. And thank you to Ken for organising the trip while preparing for his retirement, and his insightful commentaries that made the ancient old buildings come alive and allowed us to reflect on our daily Christian living. Hope to see you all again next year.
Haywood, in Lichfield

In fellowship,
Learning about ages past,
Growing in faith,
Remaining in prayer and communion
In the breathtaking countryside of Yorkshire.
Mary Ward as one of our teachers,
A convent of long history as our home.
Glory of God expressed in York Minster;
Excursions to Ripon and the abbey ruins of Fountains, Rievaulx & Whitby

Young (very) and (somewhat) older
On foot, by road, on water;
Rain never crossed our plans;
Ken’s planning and organization earns our thanks.
Anne O’C

Altar Flowers – could you help? Is there anyone who could help look after the church altar flowers on a rota basis with the Old Catholics? Please contact Eric

Back-to-school picnic – Sunday 10th September update this will take place in the Killesberg Park, on the meadow near the fairground. If you paste this dress into your browser, you’ll find quite a good map that has the Sommerblumenwiese on it:
There are toilets near by; just round the corner, by Elise’s Jahrmarkttheater, there is even a stall where you can buy drinks and ice creams. There is also the option for people to go on little excursions to the tower and the petting zoo.
We can hopefully have a picnic (bring your own and maybe a bit to share) and some games, at least football or other outdoor games that people have. Maybe someone with a car has the wooden “Sweden” or “Vikinger” Chess game?
There will be people to lead the way on public transport from Church. If you come under your own steam look out for Van, Heather and family.

Sunday 20th August – Fellowship lunch after the service
The Bopserteehaus is an attractive restaurant with plenty of open-air seating and a beautiful view over downtown Stuttgart. It is situated on a hill just up the B 27/Hohenheimer Straße, two stops away on the Stadtbahn/tram (U7, U 5, U 6, U 12 to Bopser).  Would anybody like to join me there for lunch, coffee or a drink after church on Sunday, 20th August? We could walk there or go a bit of the way on the tram and then there is a winding path up to the restaurant. Let me know if you would like to come so that I can book a table.
Alison Seyerle
(this event is for all – women, men, children, probably even dogs if they are kept on a lead in the beer garden) we just aren’t giving Alison another e-mail address to organise it!)

Women’s Group
We plan to meet again on Thursday, 17th August from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre so look forward to seeing you there.
Alison –

Ladies’ Evening Group – The next meeting of the St. Catherine’s LEGS will be on Monday 18th September at Flo Steak and Burger Bolzstr. 10, 70173 Stuttgart (they also have vegetarian and gluten free options)
They don’t take reservations so we will just have to chance it …  but assuming that the weather is good there will probably be space inside. Even if we can’t reserve please let me know if you plan to come so that we can bag enough seats.

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