Notices – 14th July

Have you ever asked anyone what they think of work? Some say work is stressful but enjoyable; demanding but rewarding. When we are asked about work we do find many positive sides to it after all.

However, if you ask about everyday life, which as a rule is determined by our work, then in many cases the answers look very different. There is talk of the daily grind, tedious tasks, hustle and bustle, constant burdens and much else besides. Going by these, you could get the impression that the everyday world is against our natural rhythm of life.

What is it then that so often colours our daily life so negatively? I think that there is nowhere else than in everyday life that we feel other people’s elbows so much, that we are so aware of the ruthless self-assertion, self-promotion and pushing others aside. We feel the greed for profit, the striving for prestige and the intrigue. These are all part of the story of our everyday disappointments.

If this were all we had to say about our everyday life, we would be in a bad way. But in daily life and at work we also meet people. If we want to, we can share their joys and sorrows. We can advise them with their problems, and sometime we ourselves may get support from other people, a piece of good advice or concrete help in the form of personal involvement, support or intercession.

After all there is joy with one another. Sometimes we can have fun in breaks, give and hear opinions and in this way help each other to make progress.

If we go that one step further, then the everyday life of every person gains the glory of the “new heaven and the new earth”, which are promised to us and which each person helps to prepare by their everyday efforts in their own daily grind. Even though sometimes it costs a great deal of exertion, we must lift up our eyes and our hearts to have this perspective. But if we do gain this insight, then we have the prospect that our daily routine is not wasted, but necessary and exalted in God’s conception of a new world.



Women’s Group At the last Coffee Morning there were unfortunately only three of us but we enjoyed tea, cake and a chat surrounded by several refugees searching through the clothes. We offered them tea and cake only to be told “Ramadan” so they couldn’t join us. As far as the dates for our Coffee Morning go, we do try and keep to the third Thursday in the month to make it easier for people to remember the date, so our next meeting is on Thursday, 21st July from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. Renate regrets that she won’t be coming any more: at 94 (you wouldn’t think it!) she has to cut down on some of her activities, especially those outside her home. We will miss her – and her cakes! – but I have promised to keep in touch as I live quite near Sillenbuch so can pop in now and again. I look forward to seeing you on the 21st.
Best wishes
Alison Seyerle

Men’s Pub Night
This month’s Pub Night will be on Thursday, 21st July. Assuming that the weather holds, lets try the beer garden in the Schlossgarten.
We can have a look at the building work for the new station while enjoying the open air!
I will be en route back from Italy so will arrive a bit later..
If you need to know more e-mail
See you there, Darren

Dates for your diaries:
Sunday 7th August – Fellowship bring and share picnic at Killesberg.
Sunday 3rd September – Sunset viewing party at Bopser Teahouse

Can you help the refugee ministry? Gary is looking to expand the team of people helping supervise the distribution of goods to the Refugees in the Anglican Centre. If you can offer a couple of hours please contact Gary and let him know when you are available to help.

Classic Rock meets Gospel: Many of you will know Jimmi Love on the Harlem Praise Family Choir. From 28th – 31st July, in the Friedrichsbau, they will be performing “Classic Rock meets Gospel”, a Music-Show featuring the “Harlem Praise Family”, the Stuttgart band “Risk” and singer David Hanselmann.


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