The ‘Kleiderkammer’ (Goodwill Give-away Shop)

The Centre is busier on Thursdays because many of the Muslim women prefer to stay home Fridays, which is their Sunday so-to-speak. Young men, mostly from Afghanistan, often come by after evening prayers held at a mosque just down the street, both evenings. Many African Christians come on Fridays, keeping volunteers busy from 18-1900. It winds down about 1930 when, depending on visitor numbers, we begin to pack up everything in order to clear the Centre for Sunday church. After packing up, we often hold a StammTisch (German-language practice, discussion). Several evenings a week, especially Saturdays, two German-language teachers coach several of our regular volunteers with German lessons.

We rebuild the ‘Kleiderkammer’ again Monday and/or Tuesday evenings every week.

I might add we could not pull all of this off without the help of our two primary volunteers Salam, from Eritrea, and Shekri Musa, from northeastern Syria. And speaking of volunteers, we can really use some help setting up for our Christmas Bazaar next Friday afternoon and evening, 17 November — and there is always a need for clerks at the Bazaar on Saturday. At least six of our regular asylum-seeker volunteers will be helping at that time as well.

If you want to make contact drop me a line – Gary