Palm Sunday and Holy Week at St. Catherine’s

Schedule of the services for Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Palm Sunday begins outside in front of the church doors, weather permitting.  There the palms are blessed and distributed.  We enter the church and sing the great Palm Sunday hymn…. All Glory, Laud, and Honour  (hint… we sing it a bit faster than the choirboys in this you tube clip…. but it is a grand way to begin the telling of the story of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection….  King’s College Cambridge 2013 Easter #4 All Glory, Laud and Honour

Palm Sunday service begins at 11:15…. or soon thereafter.  If you are infirm, you are welcome to go in and sit, rather than stand outside for the Liturgy of the Palms.

Maundy Thursday….The Liturgy of the Last Supper with the Footwashing.  Just as Jesus commanded we break bread, drink wine, and remember.  And… on this one night only, we demonstrate our love for one another by taking turns washing one another’s feet. This intimate service will take place in the Anglican Centre.  Music will be accompanied by piano,… or sung acapella.  The consecrated Eucharistic elements will be solemnly reserved for use on the next day at our Good Friday services.
One of the songs we sing on Maundy Thursday is the more modern hymn: Brother Sister let me serve you
This service will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Good Friday.… A Remembrance of the Crucifixion of our Lord
There are two services on Good Friday
12 noon…..NOTE!!! this is a change…. the 12 noon service will take place in the Anglican Centre…..rather than in the church.  This will be a full service, with Passion Reading, Sermon, prayers, and Communion from the reserved Sacrament.
7 p.m. ….. NOTE!!! This is a change…. the 7 p.m. service will take place in the Church.  This will be a full service with all the same elements as the noon service, but in the church with greater solemnity and dignity.
One of the songs we sing on Good Friday is the very moving  Ah! Holy Jesus  Ah, Holy Jesus. Hope Heralds Concert 2012.

The Easter Vigil…. an ecumenical service in German with a little English…… begins in the Leonhardskirche at 21:00 in the darkness.  As we hear some of the Old Testament lessons which lead us to an understanding of Christ as Messiah, we wait.  In the darkness we process up the street to the Katharinenkirche, where the Holy Fire is lit, the Paschal Candle blessed, and the people recieve the light of Christ.  We pour into the church filling it with candle glow.  The Exultet is sung, and the first mass of Easter is celebrated.  Following the service a reception takes place in the Oekumenisaal.  The festivities can go on until after midnight.  If you have never experienced an Easter Vigil, I highly recommend it.

The Early Service.… For those seeking a “Sunrise” Service,… or who must travel to family gatherings elsewhere… begins at 7:00 a.m.  This usually small service is joyous with the glad tiding of resurrection.  Communion, Sermon, and hymns are part of this service.

The Festival of Easter...The big service… with all the trappings of the holiest day of the Christian Year….  Grand music, big flowers, joyous scripture readings, and the chance to open our doors and hearts to the many visitors who will want to worship with us on this special day.  Following the Service there will be a pot-luck/Bring and Share Easter Feast,… and Easter Egg Hunt.  (I wonder who will get the Golden Egg this year?)  Children are encouraged to bring easter baskets for the eggs and candies they find.  All who wish to bring something are encouraged to bring food items best served at room temperature.  Veg or Non-veg …. all is good.  If you bring a vegetarian dish, please mark it so our veggies lovers can recognize it.

Easter in Ulm.….The vicar and team will travel to Ulm in the afternoon for Easter service at 17:30 in the Gemeindehaus of the Ulmer Muenstergemeinde.  If you would like to go as part of the team, please contact the vicar to arrange for transportation.

One of the songs we will sing at all the Easter services is Jesus Christ is risen today….
Jesus Christ is Risen Today – EASTER HYMN (2010)

Helpers are still needed for all these services.  Will you be here?  Will you be willing to serve?  Contact the vicar….

  • Good Friday readers….. for the Passion reading…. 7 voices… Stilled are 3 at each service.
  • Good Friday Cross lifters… 2 strong men to help during the Veneration of the Cross….
  • Lay Chalice bears:  2 needed
  • Easter Vigil:  2 readers needed…. to read in English
  • Easter Acolytes…. Which service will you attend?  For Early service… we seek 3.  For Festival service we seek 4.  All ages are welcome to serve.
  • Egg Hunt hiders…. contact Heather A. if you can help.  The items are hid in the church just after the service ends.  We take all the kids into the Coffee Room for a song… while the hiding is going on.  Then the hunt begins.
  • Food for the Feast…. Can you bring something to share?
  • Flower donors…. would you like to help underwrite the cost of the flowers and lilies? Perhaps as a thankoffering or in remembrance…. contact the vicar.
  • Greeters and Ushers…. for 7 p.m Good Friday, and both Easter Day services….help pass out the books, and welcome everyone.  One person also needed to help people sign the guest register.

From the Vicar:  I am so sorry….. 

Last Sunday,… before church began, I stepped into the middle aisle, and started talking about my announcement of retirement.  I did this specifically to make sure that everyone has gotten the word.  By the looks I saw on some people’s faces, clearly they had not gotten the world.  There were looks of shock and surprise on many faces.  To them and to all who are only now hearing the news, I apologize.  I never meant to shock anyone…. And I wish I could tell everyone personally over a cup of coffee, having enough time to answer questions and explain my decision.  But that would be impossible.  Through the newsletter, the website, and announcements at church I am trying to spread the word.   I am going to retire for my own good reasons,… not in reaction to anything about Germany, Stuttgart, St. Catherine’s, and anyone in particular.  It is just a good time for me to transition to the next phase in my life and ministry.  I am still going to be doing many priestly things, but will not serve as a full-time minister in any congregation.  I hope to be able to return to Europe regularly and often, during which times I will certainly be coming through Stuttgart and Ulm to visit all my friends.  I appreciate all of you who express sadness and concern about my departure, but really, please… be happy for me, … and be happy for St. Catherine’s as you get a new priest to lead you to ever greater adventures in the Lord.  He is in control of all this, and will bring us all into a future that is bright and full of His Presence.  I feel like an angel in the Bible, who seem always to bring a message, “Fear not!”  Those inclined to being shocked or afraid for the future.  Do not be.  All will be well.  In Christ’s name I claim it!

Be part of making the future bright at St. Catherine’s
Come to the Annual General Meeting Sunday 23rd April – what you need to do : first Enroll….. then come to meeting…. then elect the future… elect those who will represent you in the search for a new vicar.
If you are interested in standing for election please talk to one of the current wardens, the vicar or a member of the church council. Pray for those who will have the responsibility for guiding the next steps of our church’s journey in faith.
There will be a simple lunch between church and the meeting. If you haven’t already signed up to bring something speak to Heather on Sunday. Thank you.

Booksale and Bakesale...
one of our best fund-raisers, is scheduled for 13 May…all day long. Soon we will start collecting books… but not yet. We don’t have enough storage space. Watch later for an announcement. Susannah will be looking for helpers to manage the cash box and bake for the bake sale. Don’t forget to invite your friends.

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