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From the Vicar: Pentecost Voices

Are you willing to make your Easter Proclamation this Sunday? St. Peter did it in his time. All the Apostles went out into to the street to do it on the first Pentecost day… And missionaries, clergy, lay preachers and Sunday school teachers have been doing it ever since. Musicians do it with really big pipe organs, singers do it with musical notation… but all you need is your mother-tongue. Just think in your first language how you might say something similar to:

”Hey everybody…. listen to me…. I have something to tell you. Jesus of Nazareth, who we all saw crucified just a few weeks back… He isn’t dead anymore. He has returned from the grave to show us a new way. He was dead, but now he is alive. It is true. I have seen him with my own eyes. How is this possible? Good question! It is possible because through God all things are possible. The sick can be healed. The hungry can be fed. The dead can rise back to life. And all sinners can have hope of forgiveness. Alleluia! Amen!”

Write it down if you want,… but during the Sunday service, don’t be shy. Let your Easter Proclamation be heard in all languaages of the heard…. especially yours.

Mapping our Pentecost voices
It the country you come from coloured in on the St. Catherine’s map?

It’s a while since we updated our map of where St. Catherine’s members’ come from – but now is the time to do so – so we can have an accurate reflection of our congregation in our church profile. If your country is missing, e-mail and we’ll add you in.

This information will help contribute to the various documents the church council is currently  assembling to aido ur search for a replacement for Ken. If you haven’t managed to contribute to the survey posters in the Anglican centre, keep your eye open for an e-mail coming soon as to how you can complete the survey online.

Other News
In Germany the Feast of Penecost (The last day of Easter…) is so important that it is given two days. Monday will be a day when most things will be closed. Except…. for the churches. Most of the Landeskirchen will have a church service sometime on Monday. We do not have one. But each year I go into the heart of downtown Stuttgart to participate in the Day of World-wide Prayer, held every Penetcost Monday in the Stiftskirche. I represent the Anglicans in the ecumenical procession of, often colourfully dressed, clergy in their own national robes. If you wanted to come,… you can. Tickets are not needed. Though I would suggest you get there in good time if you want a seat.
The service begins at 10:30 a.m. and will be conducted in languages from all over the globe. This year, since it is the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses of Martin Luther, we will add a post service procession to the Hospitalhof where a big party will wait for us. You are welcome to come along with me. Let me know so I can look for you at the end of the service. K+

Celebrating Ken’s ministry here in Stuttgart … plans are being laid by the Church Council for saying farewell to Ken … watch out for a separate e-mail coming soon. If you don’t receive it by the end of the week and want to know more please e-mail

Birthday congratulations to Renate L. No not Eric’s wife, but another Renate who lives in Sillenbuch. I was invited to her very special 95th Birthday party last weekend. She is an amazing woman still full of pep, joy and memories. Would you join me in giving God thanks for her long and amazing life, still going strong after 95 years. K+

Birthday congratulations also to Baby Scarlett and Baby Josephine, two delightful little girls born very recently to their respecitve parents, one set living near Ulm and one set living near Reutlingen. Both babies came healthily into this world, and will one day realize that they each have amazing parents. S. and V. are the proud parents of Scarlett; R. and S. are the parents of Josephine.

Women’s Group – change of date Due to various circumstances we are having to change our usual meeting time from the third Thursday in the month, so please note that our next meeting will be on the fifth Thursday, namely 29th June from 10 until 12 in the Parish Centre. It will probably be the last time Ken is able to attend our meeting so please come along and give him a good send-off!
Alison Seyerle

Report from Synod in Cologne Both Bishops, Robert and David, all the archdeacons including our own Archdeacon Colin and elected delegates both clergy and lay from all the archdeaconeries are converged in Cologne at the Kardinal Schulte Haus in Bergisch-Gladbach, for our annual Syod of the Diocese in Europe. The meeting will last 5 days. During that time we will pray 19 times, share meals in the Haus Refectory, participate together in daily Bible Study, and hear reports from all the various committees, task-forces, working groups and commissions of the diocese. Like an annual general meeting for the parish, we will review and discuss the upcoming budget and elect some people to various positions at the diocesan level. Today, for instance we had, in the morning, a two hour presentation on the progress being made in the implementation of the diocesan Safeguarding Policy. It has been a great honour to be the official delegate of the Archdeaconry of Germany and Scandanavia. This will be my last Synod. I have made many good friends from all around Europe by working and sharing this time with people from the far-flung corners of our diocese. May God continue to bless the Diocese and especially those who work to keep it headed in the right direction! Amen.

Wardens’ Corner – Our Mission continues
Now that the dust has started to settle after the seismic news of Ken’s retirement, our Council Meeting last Sunday was a very important and encouraging one, in which sleeves were rolled up and plans drafted.
I have experienced a number of such changes in my church career, and I hear the distant echo of many gloomy, anxious voices:
“Oh, it won’t be the same without Father X!”
“Father X never did it that way!”
“I hope we don’t get anyone too (old/young/charismatic/old-fashioned etc)”
The list is endless, the worst being:
“…. I’ll wait a while and see how things go!”
Father Ken’s mission in Stuttgart is coming to an end and God is calling him to another one. Our mission here continues, and we must all play our part: not when everything is seen to be running as we personally want it, but NOW. It is not just a question of services, but making sure that all our activities keep going, and this involves everyone. What do you have to offer?
The Council have taken on / volunteered to continue with specific tasks in running our church, the ether is thick with e-mails and other messages, and the task has already started.
We have one huge advantage over the last interregnum our priestly needs are well covered: Brigitte, Julie and Wolfgang have already drawn up a rota for services so we have no worries on that score. On our computer we have service templates for all three liturgical years and all the officers we need are in position.
There is only one need remaining at present:
St Catherine’s needs YOU!
Eric & Mark – your St. Catherine’s Churchwardens

Is the Pilgrimage still possible? Recently in one of these Newsletters, it was announced that the Pilgrimage attendee list was closed. However, since that time three  people have said they will possibly be backing out…. for personal reasons not reflecting the quality or cost of the pilgrimage. It means that we can take 3 other persons…. if there are some out there who would consider joining the Pilgrimage to York, Whitby, Fountains Abbey and Ripon Cathedral. If you want to know more give Ken a call (017699762001) and he can give you more details.

Ladies’ Evening Group our next LEGS will be from 19:00 on Tuesday 20th June at the Schweine Museum – Schlachthof. Plesae let Anne know if you’re planning to come –


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