Preparing for Easter…

Easter schedule

  • Maundy Thursday – 18:30 – in the Anglican Centre
    The Last Supper with Foot-washing
  • Good Friday – (2 services) – 12:00 in the Anglican Centre or 19:00 in church.
    Both will have singing, Veneration and Communion.
  • Easter Vigil (Saturday night) – 21:00 beginning in the Leonhardskirche.
    Halfway through the service the congregation processes up Pfarrstrasse to the Katharinenkirche, where the celebration glows in candlelight and Easter joy.
    A reception follows around midnight.
  • Early Easter Morning (“Sonrise” Service) – 07:00
    Hymns, sermon, and glorious Eucharist… for the few, the early; those heading off to visit relatives.
  • The Feast of the Resurrection – (The Big Service) – 11:15, full ceremony, choir, Vicar’s Sermon, Children’s activity, and Easter Feast to follow.
  • Easter Monday – quiet time. No English services are scheduled.

Easter Feasting in both Stuttgart and Ulm

Sorry Early Morning worshippers – there will not be a feast after the 7 a.m. “Sonrise” service. The Easter Feasts will only follow the 11:15 Eucharist and the Ulm 17:30 services. But what feasts they might be! With such an international flavour to our demographic, there is the opportunity for many people to bring food from their own tradition, food to share at a time of feasting.
Our Bring-and-Share Lunches tend to be very diverse. All sorts of savoury and sweet treats are expected. If everyone attending brings something to share, we will have quite a feast. Mark your bowls and Tupperware to be sure that they get back to the right place after we are finished.
If you are not a cook, feel free to bring store-bought items.

AGM (The Annual General Meeting)
The AGM will take place Sunday, 23rd April in the church, following the Eucharist. At this once a year meeting, all enrolled members will be eligible to vote for the Wardens, Council members and delegates to Deanery Synod who will serve for the next year. The Warden and Council members will be crucial parts of the Search process to select the successor to Canon Ken. There will be a quick sandwich lunch between church and the meeting… not a feast, but a pragmatic answer to having a meeting at lunch time. Contact Heather Anderson if you can help fill any of the blanks on the sign up sheet for the lunch.
Begin praying now that there will be many well-qualified persons willing to stand for election!

St. Catherine’s Book Sale/Bake Sale, with a little bit of Flea Market on the side
This will take place on 13th May in both the church and the Anglican Centre. As in years past, food will be available to strengthen the shoppers who should come prepared to buy lots and lots of books both in English and German.
Helpers are being sought.

  • Can you bake items to be sold by Naomi and her team in the Bake Sale?
  • Can you offer time to be a clerk taking the money from the shoppers?
  • Can you donate gently used books or flea market items?
  • Can you be helpful in English and German, serving as a sort of floor-walking host? “May I help you find something?”
  • Would you be happier, in the kitchen washing the tea cups and plates, behind the scene?

Helpers for all these jobs are needed. Contact Susanna Thielecke to let her know of your interest in helping out. Note: The proceeds of the Book Sale normally go to our Outreach Budget, so that the more we make, the more we can do to help others.

The American German Gospel Concert
This annual event will take place Sunday afternoon, 7th May in the Leonhardskirche at 17:00.
As in past years, there will be quite an interesting variety of choirs singing all sorts of Gospel music. From Old-Time Gospel favourites to contemporary Euro-Gospel, to Rhythm and Blues Gospel… and maybe even some African Gospel,… the audience will experience a full-spectrum of musical styles. Join in the sing-a-longs, and prepare your hands to clap along. It will be a great afternoon of uplifting, emotional music. A collection will be taken for a good cause, but otherwise all is totally free of charge.

Easter at Ulm includes a baptism: Baby Claire will be one of hundreds of thousands baptized at Easter. Tradition has it that baptism is our own personal “Easter” – the day when our own resurrections begin, thus being baptized on Easter day, or at the Easter Vigil, or during the Great 50 days of Easter,… it all makes a lot of sense. Please join me in praying for Baby Claire, her parents, Robert and Roberta, and her Godparents.

From the Vicar: Are you ready to celebrate?

If you have been keeping a good and holy Lent, full of self-discipline and prayerful meditation, you are probably looking forward to Easter as a break from all the hard work of Lent. But if you are more like me, with a Lent full of “other things”… not so focused on the Passion and Death of Christ Jesus… I wonder if you are any readier for Easter than I am.

This was not a very good Lent for me. I blame everything and everyone but myself. It was the weather, unseasonably warm, encouraging the spring flowers to be blooming right from the outset of what should be Lenten austerity! It was the Bishop’s Visit… interrupting the liturgical austerities with overly beautiful music, and overly gemutlich fellowship. Happy Confirmands, happy baptismal candidates, delicious food and smiling, friendly people – not nearly Lenten enough for me. Even the violet vestments began to look beautiful as the spring sun shone in through the Olga-street windows every Lenten Sunday morning.
No rain to drab it up. No clouds to gray it down. And the birds, every morning around 05:45 singing their little hearts out to welcome the rising sun. They wake me even before the alarm can do so, a soft gentle, happy awakening, inspiring my heart to want to join in the dawn liturgy of birdsong

I am surrounded by unLenten-ness. I swim in an ocean of graces so wonderful I find it hard to get down into that suffering place where Jesus is offering himself at this very moment for the sins I am committing just a moment or two ago.

I admit it. I am an unabashed Resurrectionist. I am so much more interested in the New Life than in the Past Life. I know Christ died for me, but my prayer is to the Christ who lives for me, and you, and us, and them, and all. So, I guess, Lent has not made me ready to celebrate Easter. Jesus has done that long ago. I am always ready for celebrating the promise of eternal life in Jesus. Starting Thursday, I will walk with him, as he enters the valley of the shadow of death. And I will be standing outside the rock blocked tomb waiting, when on the third day he emerges in a flash of glory.

Amen. All***ia.


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