Ten years and counting …

10:30 not 11:15….This coming Sunday 10:30 not 11:15….This coming Sunday 10:30 not 11:15….This coming Sunday

From the Vicar: How can 10 years fly by so fast?

The common saying is that time flies when you are having fun. This must explain why my first ten years here have simply flown by. I have been having so much fun. Thank you all for making being the vicar of St. Catherine’s so much fun … so inwardly rewarding … so spiritually satisfying.

On reflection, not everything I have had to do in the last ten years has been fun. Sitting with family members at a hospital bedside or even worse, in a funeral home waiting room, …. these memories are not “having fun.” Saying good-bye to people who must move away to the opposite side of the world … or even just to the opposite side of Germany, … this is not fun. Trying to figure out how to expand the ministry and cut the budget at the same time … this isn’t fun.
But the fun moments outnumber the un-fun moments a thousand to one.
Every hymn we sing accompanied on the pipe organ we saved and brought over from England, … every cork popping as a reception for a newly baptised person is celebrated, …. every picnic in the park with me sitting on a blanket in the shade watching the children playing soccer in the meadow … every time we say the Lord’s Prayer in English and German simultaneously in worship … every time I ride the train back to Stuttgart from Ulm thanking God for another worship service offered in faithfulness, if not quantified by numbers, … each and everyone who comes week in and week out to participate in the holy liturgy, in a building that that has been blown up by bombs and resurrected from the rubble, … these are the things which I count as fun. Oh, and gathering together on a sunny Sunday in someone’s garden to grill and chill with friends from nearly every continent around the world…. This is also fun. I give God thanks for ten very swiftly flown years.


Garden Party / BBQ in celebration of 10 years….. this Sunday, 29 May, after the 10:30 Bi-lingual ecumenical Anglican/Old Catholic liturgy. We will group together to travel to Stuttgart-Rohr, near Vaihingen…some going in cars, others of us taking the S-Bahn. Bring something for sharing at the salad/sweet buffet … and whatever you would like to cook for yourself as a main course: a pork chop, fish fillet, sausages, burgers, steak, vegetables or chicken pieces and, if possible, bring something to eat off, eat with and drink out of. The BBQ will be hot and ready, so the party can begin as soon as we arrive. If you notify Jackie or Frances of your interest in coming there will be enough drinks for all. Dress casual. Don’t let the word Garden Party lead you into thinking that you must wear a posh hat … unless you want to wear one for sun-protection or … to be silly. To get exact directions and to RSVP … email: webmaster@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

10:30 Church time….not 11:15….but 10:30!  Yes, this is a 5th Sunday when we have a bi-lingual joint service with the Old Catholics. We begin early and end early,…. I will be the preacher, and there will be translations of all the German bits for those of you who do not yet know the language. We will sing hymns that are known in both English and German, so that alternate verses will be in English then German.

This week our hymns will be thematically chosen to go with the Feast of Corpus Christi, (Frohnleichnam) … Here are the hymns chosen for this week:

Readers for Sunday
As I announced on Sunday, we are trying to set up a system so that we don’t have to ‘pounce on’ people to read on Sundays. We will put the readings for the following Sunday in the Church notes sent by e-mail, and if you know you will be in church you could then contact me  to offer your services, which would be much appreciated. You would be helping the good cause of not having your wardens going barking mad…..
This week’s readings are 1 Kings 18: 20-21 ((22-29) 30-39 (most probably shortened version) and Galatians 1, 1-12
thanks in advance
Eric warden@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

A Baptismal Day is coming in June:  We have two sisters to be baptised on 25 June. Do you know anyone wishing to be baptised?

Confirmation Class … Are you interested? Want to know more about Christianity in general and Anglicanism in particular? Want to know why we do what we do when we worship? I will be teaching a class lasting several weeks covering many topics. You get to ask lots of questions. When and where we do the classes will depend on who signs up for the classes. Still interested? Please call me or send me an email soon so that we can get planning started. Ken + 017699762001…. vicar@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

Wednesday Bible Study Group…Will continue into the summer meeting each Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Anglican Centre. Starting mid-July there will be summer pause. During the prime holiday time, the group will not meet. Something else is planned, so watch this space as things develop.

Developing Christian Ministry…. a summer teaching weekend sponsored by CAECG… is coming to Stuttgart! 22-23rd July 2016. Anglicans from all over Germany will be coming to Stuttgart to attend a weekend event on the topic “Safeguarding God’s Children” Our own warden Eric Jarman is organising this important workshop. You can sign up to attend…. you can volunteer to host on out of town visitor in your guest room…. you can help on the hospitality committee (food and drink)…. you can pray for the success of the weekend. Many ways you can help. email Eric and let him know which way you want to help. warden@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

Fellowship at St. Catherine’s

Women’s Coffee Morning
Last week at our coffee – or rather tea –  morning we were truly international: German, American, English, Syrian, Afghanistan and Indian, English being more or less the common language. We made our guests welcome and they rewarded us by doing all the washing up!  After they had left we helped Lauris sort the Sunday School sheets and made good progress. Our next meeting is on Thursday, 16th June from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre so we look forward to welcoming you then. We’ll see how many guests we collect this time!
Alison Seyerle

Monday 30th May – 19:00 at Injeera – please e-mail legs@stcatherines-stuttgart.de if you would like to join us.

Welcome back Asha  Last Sunday we had the pleasure of welcoming back to Stuttgart a member from several years ago who went home to India praying that she would be able to get back here one day. And she did! What a joy to know that people all over the world wish they could be here worshipping with us!  ( She hopes to be able, while here, to find a job so she can stay…. see below.)

Can We Help Not only Asha?…Quite a few people around here, including Asha, are looking for jobs. Several people from our friendship circle of refugees from the Haus Martinus would also, now that they have received work permits, liketo find some kind of job. Do you know of anyone looking to hire? Do you know any openings where you work? Let’s work together to help those in our wider community who want to work. If you have a hint of a job or potential job, please let the vicar know. In our own congregation we give thanks that Veith B. has found a good job which he will start on Monday. Ruth is, however, looking for an opening. Let’s help find jobs for our family and friends.




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