Thank you for a wonderful Book Sale, Bake Sale and Fleamarket!

A big thank you to all the wonderful people who helped to make the book sale on Saturday a huge success! We raised over 1500€ for St. Catherine’s, but more importantly, we brought lots of people into the church and Anglican Centre that would not otherwise come in contact with us and sent them away happily bearing piles of fresh reading matter, interesting knick-knacks from the flea market and delicious baked goods (well, actually, most of those never made it out of Naomi’s tea room, at all!)
But my favourite bit of the weekend was working with all the lovely people from St. Catherine’s, some old acquaintances, some new faces – you were such a fun team!
So here’s to all of you:
Alison, Elinor, Anna, Meg, Steve and Chris, Kendra, Emilia and Ken, who beavered away on Friday evening turning the church into a huge bookstore, and also had a good laugh at some of the interesting titles that came out of the boxes, and Gary, Tarik, Shukru, Omar, Salam et. al, who carried up all the book boxes from the cellar while also getting the flea market set up in the Anglican Centre;
Gary and his team who came right back to run the flea market on Saturday;
Jackie, who was so busy taking people’s money that she barely had time to check out the cake counter;
my delightful booksellers Anja, Jane, Helmuth, Katy, Anna, Wolfgang and Balan;
Naomi, bake sale goddess, and her tea shop ladies, Renate, Edel, Jutta and Hanne (girls, the frilly aprons were to die for, as of course were the cakes!);
Haywood (yes, I now know how to spell your name) and Gaby, who were around all day whenever you needed them;
Wolfgang, Balan, Marilyn, Eva, Eric, Ken, Jackie, Solomon (who learned to his own disadvantage that it is not a clever idea to come shopping just as the clear-up is getting under way!), Daniel (who came just to help us clear up – isn’t that sweet?) and Gary and his team who slaved away getting all the books back into the boxes and down to the cellar and got their work-out for the whole of the week done and dusted at the same time;
Ken, for everything;
and any other people I may have forgotten for whatever they did…
I thank the Lord that he has brought us all together at St. Catherine’s. Halleluja!“

Thank you and see you soon,


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