This Sunday….. is a 5th Sunday!

This Sunday….. is a 5th Sunday! So, following a long observed tradition, we Anglicans will join with our Old Catholic brothers and sisters for an ecumenical, bi-lingual service of Holy Communion. NOTE: Start time for the service is 10:30 a.m 10:30!!!!  Father Joachim Pfuetzner of the Old Catholic church will be the celebrant, which works out well, as Father Dimmick must travel to Bonn to do some work as Area Dean of Germany, for the Good-bye Service of the out-going vicar of Bonn and Cologne.

Kesse Project...Still receiving donations through Ueberweisung (Bank Transfer) through our church account. Please mark your donation as “Kesse” or “Fire” so that our treasurer will know to set it aside for the Kesse Family. Thanks to all who have already made donations. It is a good sign of Christian community when so many people pull together in time of need! Go to and scroll to bottom of the page for the details.

Lots of Newcomers…. over the last few weeks we have had lots of visitors and newcomers to St. Catherine’s. It is a joy to welcome each and every one into our worshiping community. Whomsoever God sends our way, we receive as a gift, a blessing, and a fellow worker in the vineyard of the Lord. “The harvest is ripe and the labourers are few.” Pray the Lord send ever more to share with us in his work.”

A Spontaneous Summer Picnic... 6 September – We have not yet had our famous and fun St. Cat’s Summer Fun Family Picnic in the Park. While summer is slipping by, it is not too late for us to have one. In years past we have gathered on a Sunday, after our church service ends, in Killesberg Park, in the Sonnenblumen Wiese, under the big tree for a pot luck picnic. Let’s do it again, soon: Sunday 6 September, from 1300-whenever you want to go home. We can spread our rugs and blankets into a giant quilt covering the ground. Some will bring folding chairs, some will stretch out in the shade in the tree, looking like they are napping. The children will surely run and play freely. Maybe someone will bring a football for kicking around or a Frisbee for throwing. The miniature trains will toot their steam whistles every time they pass us by. Food and drinks need not be organized. Everyone bring what you like, and they can be shared. There are also food stands near where all sorts of German foods are for sale. And those daring enough can climb to the top of the Killesberg Tower for a spectacular view of the city. In short, a good time can be had by all. The question is will you be there on such short notice? Sunday, 6 September, in the afternoon, after church.

Back to School Sunday..… On Sunday, 13 September, there will be a special blessing of pupils, students, and teachers of all kinds. We will begin this new school year with prayer and thanksgiving. Bring all the kids so we can bless them all as learners of all the wonders that God has created for and through mankind. During the prayers of the people, we will recognize all in our congregation who learn and teach, from Pre-K/Kita through older children, through Pre-teens, teens, and Abis…right up to vocational and university people as well. Amen.

Guides and Scouts Sunday,… 20 September. All Guides, Scouts, Pfadfindern… and variations of any of these groups are encouraged to come to church in their uniforms. We will recognize them and honour them for their service to the world through these groups. One particular Girl Guide group, the Stuttgart units of British Guides in Foreign Countries, with Frances B. as leader, will sponsor our Coffee Hour, as a fund-raiser for rebuilding a school in Nepal destroyed by the recent earthquake.

The New Archdeacon want to visit St. Catherine’s… on the first Sunday of October! The Very Reverend Colin Williams, newly appointed Archdeacon for Germany, Skandinavia, the Baltics, and Eastern Europe will begin his ministry with a weekend visit to St. Cat’s. He will come on Friday, and spend the whole weekend with us, so that he can meet with parish council members, assisting clergy, musicians, and all. We welcome him to witness this beautiful crazy thing we know as St. Catherine’s Church. (He speaks fluent German, and will reside in Frankfurt.) (Until recently he was rector of Ludlow…. Ludlow rector to become Archdeacon of Europe – BBC News

Our Next and Final Flea Market fundraiser of the summer will take place in the Heusteigsviertel, just around the corner from St. Cat’s, all day long, Saturday 26 September…. Once again, Gary Badertscher will be coordinating the sale. He is looking for at least 6 members for his team. Can you help by working that day? or half that day? Or… can you help by donating any special items for sale? Call him at 0176 668 06030.

Thanks to those musicians who have been blessing us with such wonderful music over the last several weeks. It has been fantastic. Over my years as vicar of St. Cat’s we have had many wonderful talented people who have assisted us in music ministry… Some of the “old-timers” will remember Marva Farrington, Stephanie Ramquist, Andy Dewar, Katharine Mokwa, Merlin Schirmer, Nathan Laube, Zach Raffan, Severin Zoehrer, and Ben Williams, who have all enriched our worshiping experiences. Each gave of their talents to help us praise God worthily. But the team we have now, and the music they offer us, is outstanding. Thanks to all the singers, organists, and instrumentalists! Your gift to us is truly priceless.

Baptisms upcoming in September.… Do you know anyone seeking Baptism? Let the vicar know.


Confirmations? Do you know anyone seeking to be part of a Confirmation class, leading either to Confirmation, Reception into the Church, or simply to learn more about Christianity in general and Anglicanism, specifically. Let the vicar know.


The Wednesday Night Bible Study is still on summer holiday. But it will resume in September. If you would like to be part of the Bible Study group, you will be welcomed! Mark your calendar for our 1st class of the new series, …. 2 September. We will have a “welcome back” soup and sandwich supper at 7 p.m…. followed by the class at 8 p.m. All this will take place in the new Parish Centre, Olgastrasse 56 directly in front of the church. Bring your favourite Bible translation, or borrow one of our Bibles. Topic will be “The Hall of Fame” based on Hebrews 11. Please let the vicar know if you plan on joining the Bible Study Group, so he can make sure there is soup enough and sandwiches enough.


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