Trinity Sunday and the vicar’s last …

This coming Sunday: The Feast of the Holy Trinity… The Vicar will celebrate, the Rev’d Stephen Pike will be our guest preacher. Fr. Pike is a recently retired Chaplain from Africom, an Episcopal priest, who is planning to remain in Europe for his retirement.

The Vicar’s Final Service at Ulm… will be on Sunday 2nd July. It looks as if a last-minute baptism will cap the vicar’s ministry at the English Church of Ulm. If you would like to come and be part of the service, you may. Mark your calendars accordingly: 2 July, 17:00. Muenstergemeindehaus, Grosse Saal, upstairs, Muensterplatz 21. Let the vicar know of your interest, so that transport can be coordinated. Following the service will be a fellowship “Empfang” with everyone bringing somethings to share.

The Vicar’s Final Service at Stuttgart… will be on the 9th of July. Expect a full house of worshipers. Expect beautiful music. Expect the vicar to have a very big frog in his throat as he attempts to preach one last sermon to the good people of St. Catherine’s. Many visitors from other churches as well. Following the service, a big afternoon of activity and food is being planned and your help is needed in the planning:
The Church Council is arranging with a local restaurant (Pukki’s) to provide a sort of running buffet (several dishes to choose from, replenished as needed during the afternoon). We also plan to have a dessert buffet (provided by donations from the congregation) in the church side-room and will provide soft drinks. The restaurant will also sell alcoholic drinks from the bar.
The important thing is that Eric Jarman is collecting numbers and would like to know the following information: number of adults and children planning on staying for lunch. Please e-mail details to
Heather has a sign up list for contributions to the dessert buffet please e-mail her on
As stated in our preivous mail, donations towards the cost of the buffet are requested and baskets will be available on the day.

Men’s Pub Night… will convene tomorrow, 8th June, at the Biergarten in the Schlosspark, 7 p.m. on the edge of the construction site behind the Bahnhof. The organizer, Darren, warns he may be a bit late arriving, so whoever comes first can choose a nice table where the others guys can join him.

L.E.G.S. (The Ladies Evening Group, Stuttgart) …. will meet next on 20th June, at the Schweinemuseum. For more information, see the Church website. New Leggers are always welcome. Please e-mail if you would like to join us, we are a friendly bunch but aren’t keen on sitting on each others knees 🙂

Women’s Group – change of date Due to various circumstances we are having to change our usual meeting time from the third Thursday in the month, so please note that our next meeting will be on the fifth Thursday, namely 29th June from 10 until 12 in the Parish Centre. It will probably be the last time Ken is able to attend our meeting so please come along and give him a good send-off!
Alison Seyerle

Report on Pentecost Monday at the Stiftskirche… What a great service it was! The building was packed with standing room only all around both the ground floor and the balcony. With music from church from all around the world, Bishop Frank July delivered a sermon of unity through the Holy Spirit. A long procession of vested clergy made their way to the altar where a Cameroonian choir sang a call to worship song. Through liturgical drama the theme Da wirt Freiheit… was presented to tie to the 500th celebration of Martin Luther’s Reformation. Korean and Coptic choirs sang beautiful in styles as different as day and night. This annual celebration of the diversity of the Spirit comes every year on the Monday after Pentecost. But this year was different, as the service ended with a parade through downtown Stuttgart to the Hospitalhof, where a grand ethnic festival of food, music, and info booths. Each year the festival seems to grow and develop. Thanks be to God. —K+

From the Vicar: Report on Synod
Dear Friends and Members of St. Cat’s,
Last week I was away from Stuttgart from Monday through Friday… attending the Diocesan Synod in Cologne. A Synod is a gathering of representatives, coming together from all around the diocese, to conduct a review of last year, and a looking ahead to next year. Somewhat like an AGM, budgets, policies, and business occupy a lot of time. But at Synod we also spent a lot of time in worship (3 times per day) and daily Bible Study. We had guest speakers, experts in their fields, lecturing on various topics. Each evening was a fellowship time in the Alte Kneipe where Koelsch flowed cheaply. Yours truly, not being a great beer afficianado, prefered tonic water. I was very happy to be able to represent one last time, the Deanery of Germany. But the greatest thrill for me was the chance to meet with clergy and laity from such far-flung corners of the diocese…. People I don’t otherwise get to meet. It is amazing to realize the breadth and width of our diocese… so much good work in so many places. Praise God for all who minister in the Diocese in Europe. K+

Wednesday Bible Study Group is organizing a trip to visit and tour the new Bible Museum now called “Bibliorama”…..This trip is scheduled for 28 June 2017 at 18:00h. All who want to join the group must be registered in advance, as there is a limit on how many can take part. If you want to reserve a place, contact Gudrun H., or the vicar, or anyone of the Bible Study group.

A Final performance…..from one of our Sopranos…..Laura …will take place 27 June… at the Musikhochschule. These student perfromances are free of charge. More information to be published later,… but mark your calendar now to save the date.

Hymns for Sunday

Number Crunching – A final thought from the vicar: 52 Sundays per year multiplied by 11 years…… (not taking into account vacations, sabbatical, and sick days)…..572 down and 5 to go….*:( sad

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