9th September – School starters blessing, church picnic and lots more

On Sunday 9th September the children will be helping lead our service and we will have a special blessing for those starting school. If your child is starting school please get in touch with Marianne children@stcatherines-stuttgart.de or Kara chaplain@stcatherines-stuttgart.de.
Our annual picnic will take place after the service – we’ll meet on the meadow at Killesberg for a time of fellowship, food, fun and relaxation. More details can be found here.

CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 14th August 2018

the post communion prayer for next Sunday reads thus: “God our creator, you feed your children with the true manna, the living bread from heaven: let this holy food sustain us through our earthly pilgrimage until we come to that place where hunger and thirst are no more…..” Our lectionary has kept us on John’s theme of ‘Jesus as the Bread of Life’ for the best part of a month now. Its links to our regular reading of scripture and joining in with Eucharistic worship as spiritual discipline, are well known to most of us. But let’s spread our wings a little…..

Holidays and travel nurture the soul too – and this is where we are all utterly unique. It no longer holds to say a solitary walk in the mountains is a more spiritual experience than an afternoon on a crowded beach. Our day to day life is vastly different, what drains us is equally diverse, so how would what nurtures us not also be unique to each of us.
Yes, regular bible reading and study is a given as is regular worship and prayer. Yes, the joining in a pilgrimage nurtures deeply and the effects can last a lifetime. But in addition to that bedrock – ?

What nurtures me and always has done is reading. Yes I go on holidays and enjoy the change, and yes, I have been on pilgrimage, and yes I have tried all sorts of hobbies in my lifetime and they have been great for that stage, but the one constant thread of sustenance for me has been reading, and always will be. What is yours? And are you willing to share what and why – I will pick up this theme on Sunday 2nd September.

My hope is that you reflecting on what nurtures you will enrich your life and strengthen your faith, and some of us sharing what feeds us, will encourage and nurture all of us.

we give thanks for the gift of holidays and pray for safe travels throughout these summer weeks …
We pray too for those who have asked for our prayers: for Jim and also Jane – may they know God’s peace and the healing touch of Christ
and globally: the Kerala district of India in floods

The Church Council has its annual planning meeting on 5th September – this needs Your prayers.
Photos from the music hall are now online – http://jpalik.com/StCatsChurch150thMusicHall/

we pray for Mark and Corina and Christopher as they pack up their home and make final preparations for their move to Texas.
We pray for any visitors this month that they might feel truly welcome among us

I am often in the office at the Anglican centre spontaneously but definitely:
Do 23.08. 15.00 – 17.00
Di 28.08. 10.00 – 12.00
no need to make an appointment just drop in…….


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