Book Sale – Saturday 16th June – tell your friends to come and buy books (and cakes)

On Sunday fliers for the book sale were available in church – it’s time to make sure everyone knows about it… bring your friends along to see what they can find – books, cakes and flea-market goods.
Helpers are also still needed: to bake, to set up on Friday – from 19:00, and to sell books, cakes, tea and coffee on Saturday …  please direct offers of help to

I have been to see my ‘Orphans’ – the new nickname I gave my children (Michael 25 and Miriam 24) when I left them in the UK in April. I have just returned from visiting them for a few precious days – my first visit since I started work at the chaplaincy.
On my flight back (delayed by nearer 3 hours than 2) I had plenty of time to reflect on the words home and Heimat.
Meeting up with each and both Michael and Miriam, felt like a ‘homecoming’ and I will always think of being with my children as home regardless of where that may be.
The place where I last worked, lots of whoosy warm feelings it brought with the visit, no longer felt like home. Landing at Stuttgart airport did ! Which did and didn’t surprise me.
We have in our Hebrew Bible reading this week the well known story of the Prophet Samuel working his way through an entire family of 8 sons before finding the next king of Israel among them.
I am going to link this with the reading we had two weeks ago when Samuel was but a boy, and the idea of being called, of vocation, of purpose. What chimes or grates for you if I offer one definition of homecoming or Heimat, not heaven (and whatever we may understand by that) but home as living within the purposes for which we have been created. True for both the prophet, Samuel and the new king, David. It is home language that Paul uses too in today’s epistle.
Searching for home or heading home, is then a journey which echoes well with ideas such as pilgrimage and the shared journeys of discipleship.
Searching for home or heading home, is then also spending a lifetime discovering in a variety of ways what those purposes are.
I hope that those who can come to the service this Sunday, will be able to explore together ideas of home and homecoming ……. Come and join us if you can.

150 Years of St. Catherine’s “Englische Kirche” Building
The Old Catholics are planning 150th Anniversary celebrations of the consecration of St Catherine’s in 1868 with a week of events in the last week of July, 22nd to 29th.
It begins and ends with a 10.30 Sunday service (please note starting time), and the opening service on 22nd is to be attended by the Bishops of both our churches. The Anglican congregation, that is us, will be hosting the refreshments, please make offers of, finger food, cakes etc. to Eric or Alison.
The other events will comprise a Taize service on Tuesday, a concert on Wednesday and a Lichtvesper on Friday, details of which are available in a programme leaflet obtainable in the church or on the website. There will also be an exhibition of photographs portraying the lives of both our churches.
We plan to give a light-hearted variety concert on Saturday 28th July in the evening, and I am now appealing for volunteers to give a short performance – instrumental music, songs, a recitation – in fact, anything entertaining. Please don’t be shy- it is just for fun. Items with audience participation are particularly welcome. Offers to Eric, please.

Women’s Group
Contrary to what we arranged at the last meeting we will meet again as usual on the THIRD Thursday, that is Thursday, 21st June. We made good progress with repairing the hymn and service books  last time but there are still quite a lot which need to be done so please bring strong glue and scissors. Look forward to seeing you.

Consent Forms
At their last meeting the Church Council approved our updated Data & Privacy Statement Over the coming weeks we will be asking you to complete updated consent forms to allow us to use your contact details and photos for church purposes. You can download a Consent_Form form and complete it at home or collect one in church. Please return forms to Frances or Kara. You can include all your families data on one form, but each family member over 16 years of age should sign the bottom of the form themselves.

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