CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 07th January 2019

I received a card today from one of the university chaplains. It quotes a bit of Matthew 2 (story of the wise men…) here is a pic…..

One of the sermon requests that has come in is “What is Truth ?”
I am guessing the subtext to the question might be whether there is such a thing as universal truth which we would all recognise and be able to abide by or has truth now become something so subjective that it is rendered at best useless and at worst open to the highest bidder – these and other threads will be in the sermon on this topic this coming Sunday. In the usual context of a Eucharist. Come and listen, but please also come with an open mind and please also come ready to contribute. Excited ? I am.


  • we pray for the soul of Eva (from Ulm) may she rest in peace and rise in glory and we pray for her family and friends in their bereavement
  • for the Sunday School teachers who meet on Saturday to plan the children’s programme for the coming term
  • we have been asked to pray for the International Christian School of Stuttgart as they seek a new site
  • we pray for Brigitte’s Walter and her mother both of them post operation for healing
  • we pray for Ada as she prepares for her baptism and for her parents and godparents

I have now come across three people who have certificates in some form of pastoral or sacramental or ministerial training – please let me know if there are others among you…
a skills audit is always useful in any church

Missed a service? you can catch up with the readings on the website – but you’ll have to sing to yourself…
Last Sunday we blessed the church doors, if you haven’t been visited by the Sternsinger and would like to bless your house too here is a liturgy you can use. Chalking_the_Door

upcoming services:

  • Women’s Group – After the Christmas break we are looking forward to meeting again on Thursday, 17th January 2019 from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. We have a lot to discuss and plan regarding the World Day of Prayer which we are hosting on Friday, 1st March so we would welcome your help and input.  Alison
  • Baptism of Ada on Sunday 20th January
  • looking well ahead: the Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 7th April 2019 after the service – please pray whether joining the Council is something God may be calling you to (in whatever capacity)

we pray for the two families who have returned to India and their new lives that await them there and we give thanks to God for their friendship while they worshiped here with us

Chaplain – every Monday: 14.30 – 16.00 and every Saturday: 11.00 – 12.30
If I am not there at these times there will be a very good reason !
Chaplaincy Administrator aka the lovely Lauris – every Thursday: 10.00 – 12.00
I am also at the Centre at other times so feel free to drop in – no appointment needed !
Or DO make an appointment if that more suits your needs.

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