Chaplain’s Musings – 20th June 2022

Climatejustice / Klimagerechtigkeit ?
We know that 19 % of the world’s population lives in the ‘global north’ and is responsible for 92% of the worldwide CO2-emissions.
The remaining 81% of the world’s population in the ‘global south’ in contrast, is responsible for only 8% of those emissions and yet they suffer the most from the consequences of the Climate Crisis.

We are well used to quotes like these and have grown if not weary, then immune to their impact.
I don’t wish to re-hash nor join my blahblahblah to that of others.

This does impact us directly in two ways however:
Directly – through the list we all know of or have access to including: pollution and micro-plastics, endangered species of life forms, global warming, rising sea levels … and some of these we highlighted during our LentMusings using pictures and prayers.
Indirectly – adding to the global refugee crisis due to conflict, there is now a growing momentum in the number of Climate Refugees – I will leave you to do your own research.

The Council of Anglican and Episcopalian Churches in Germany (CAECG) meets twice a year.
The theme in March was Racial Justice. The theme this September will be Climate Justice.
A donation has been made which enables one additional place to be financed at this conference.
It is only München. It is only 24 hours FR09.09.-SA10.09.

If this is something close to your heart please be in touch with

We should / could…. have an Eco-Officer but until someone is willing to take on such a role the Council will not coerce anyone into it. There are also ‘springer’* tasks which would fit under this remit such as researching energy providers for our use of gas/electric at the Anglican Centre. (*a springer task is a single task requiring no regular or on-going commitment beyond that one task)

Finally: Climate and Environment Justice as a Human Rights Issue:

Environment Justice includes the fight against the consequent Environment Racism
Climate InJustice is a global issue
Environment Crisis increases the rich/poverty gap
Resistance and engagement of ordinary citizens as activists is rising
Armed conflicts, rooted in fight for resources – land and water – and their destabilising effects in whole regions not just nations, are on the rise

How much of this will be addressed in München I have no idea, but it invites our own engagement and lifestyle choices, and certainly our prayers.

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