Chaplain’s Musings – 21st February 2022

Lent is the time when traditionally churches pray for any preparing for confirmation and those on a vocational journey and we will certainly pray for those from our church family –

Anthoinette   Brian   Christopher   Jordan   Laurine   Philippa   Ruby   Tracey   Andrew

All of us who are baptised Christians have a vocation and we pray for one another and
we encourage one another. One action that will be required of all of us in these coming months is to think back “who did I used to sit next to in church before this pandemic
came ?” and then invite that person / that family personally – they may not have been back for two years and be really grateful to you !!

As a church I am looking to find a ‘safe’ date when we might be able to host a ‘Back2Church Sunday’ so we can invite all whom we have not seen in a long time and share a light lunch after the service….. watch this space for a date and pray about whom you’ll invite to such an event.

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS: It's frm our church... we've been called up for active duty

Now we are glimpsing life beyond the ‘omicron wall’
we all need to roll up our sleeves and start to rebuild our church community – we have many of us got out of the habit of doing things together …..

So here is the beginnings of a list:

  • Sunday coffee rota
  • Refugee Project is expanding and can accommodate a range of interests and skill sets to meet emerging needs
  • Sacristans – I have 2 volunteers already !!
  • Lay Worship Leaders – for non Eucharistic services
  • expanding the Welcome Team
  • Council Members
  • Fundraising / Social Team – especially in this Coronation Platinum Year
  • Tech support
  • expanding in due course the Team working with our Young People
  • Scratch Choir

all initial volunteering please to

‘Follow me’ he said – and we did. We let go of the heavy wet nets, the tough strands of tarred rope: our string hands were empty – we let go of all we knew how to do, our livelihood, our identity – to follow a dream, a job description that no one in their senses would take seriously.
‘Follow me’ he said – and we did.

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