CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 22nd January 2019

I have heard it said, by someone I respect, that infant baptism is a human rights abuse. Meaning that the candidate is not able to give consent to something so weighty and indeed life-changing.

Having recovered from the shock, I was delighted that an atheist / agnostic more fully appreciated the meaning of Baptism than many Christians. It is indeed life-changing.

There is biblical precedence for such a baptism. Consent is given, albeit by parents and godparents. Flippantly – those infants don’t or can’t consent to being fed either….. We do as significant adults for that child, what we believe best. It does not remove the option of consent or otherwise later in life. Having had just such a baptism yesterday and indeed lit candles of children who had been baptised when they were that age, it is good for us to revisit such questions.
Very unusually, our church is made up of members who are held together by a shared faith and a shared language, not a shared tradition or denomination. Therefore our Baptism and how that shapes our identity and our calling to vocation and service, is perhaps a more significant baseline component of our faith than might be true in other churches. I would love to explore this more.

On the last Sunday of this month we will as usual have our Council meeting before the service. Not having met in December the agenda is full already but these are Your representatives – if there are things that matter to you, concern you…… speak to one of the members. Certainly pray for them – they work very hard every one of them, on your behalf and pray for that meeting. Bless you.


  • No Bible Study tonight (Wed. 23rd Jan.) due to Solomon being unexpectedly called away.
  • upcoming services:
    Candlemas Eucharist 3.02. – marking the end of the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany journey
  • Ladies’ Evening Group – Wednesday 6th February – from 19:00 at Tialinis in Stuttgart, Bolzstr. 10: So if you can’t usually make Mondays why not take the chance to come and join us? Could you please let me know if you can come so I can reserve the right sized table?
    Thanks Jackie
  • Men’s Pub Night – Thursday 7th February – from 19:00 Sophie’s Brauhaus – mails to if you’d like to join the men-folk or speak to Darren
  • looking well ahead:
    the Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 7.04.19 after the
  • service – please pray whether joining the Council is something God may be calling you to (in whatever capacity)


  • we pray for the soul of Eva (from Ulm) and also for the soul of James may they rest in peace and rise in glory and we pray for their families and friends in their bereavement
  • we have been asked to pray for the International Christian School of Stuttgart as they seek a new site (they may come and visit us)
  • we pray for Brigitte’s Walter and her mother both of them post operation for healing

we pray for not only for the nations in the headlines but also currently for Nigeria with General Election on 16.02. electing President and National Assembly – that the resources that nation has would find their way to those who need them and that the elections would be peaceful and just

comes from one of our Isaiah readings this month
“do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine” ISA43.1b

I have now come across three people who have certificates in some form of pastoral or sacramental or ministerial training – please let me know if there are others among you…….
a skills audit is always useful in any church

Culture of Invitation Workshop with Michael Harvey
Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,
Michael Harvey from Back to Church Sunday fame, and Unlocking the Growth, is coming to Brussels.
Most churches call themselves welcoming but not many call themselves welcoming and inviting.
However, inviting is vital in our generation because nowadays it takes a brave person to walk into a church building on their own. Michael will address this issue head-on.
Date: Saturday 9 March 2019.
Venue: Holy Trinity Brussels.
The programme:
1000-1020 Worship
1020-1130 Understanding the greatest missed opportunity
1130-1150 Coffee
1150-1300 Building a Culture of Invitation
1300-1340 Soup & Sandwich Lunch
1340-1440 Best Practice
1440-1500 Closing Worship

This seminar takes place under the banner of the Mission Working Party of the Archdeaconry of North West Europe. All are invited, all are welcome!!
For those who cannot make the journey we are going to try to set up a webinar through Zoom. Details to follow.
For more information on Michael Harvey’s work as Chief Executive National Weekend of Invitation
Twitter @NWofInvitation @unlockinggrowth
Signing up: please email Diane Robson at Holy Trinity Brussels:
Lunch: soup and sandwiches. Voluntary contribution.


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