well as the temperatures have dropped, it’s a reminder that we are nearly into September and have much to look forward to and work towards…..

    • following on from the Sundays we looked at Public Prayer in our services (more feedback is always welcome) I have put together, for any who want it, a simple sheet with prayers on it and entitled it ‘Prayers on the Go’ – suitable for use while you commute or indeed at home….. available at back of church
    • also available at back of church are:
      • consent forms for data protection info – please complete if you haven’t already done so
      • sheet to sign up if you’re thinking about Confirmation
      • sheet to sign up if you’d like to prepare and lead Intercessions – training given !!
      • sheet to sign up if you’d like to train as a Sacristan (min age 10) or as an Acolyte (min age 9) – I need some adults too please
        For all of the above you can also express interest by mailing
    • on 9th September we shall bless all school bags that children bring to church with them ready for a new academic year, as well as praying for those starting school for the first time and for all who work in education. Then it’s off to Killesberg for our Annual Picnic 
    • the Sunday school will this term be focusing on the Eucharist and the meaning of some of its components
    • later in the month the chaplain turns 60 (Yikes how did that happen ??)
    • Konfi@56 – a group for the approx. 10 – 14 year olds is launched possibly now in early October rather than late September ……
    • and in October we celebrate a baptism, and harvest hopefully followed by a shared lunch
    • our worship will draw in St Luke and his teaching on Christ as healer – with our prayers for any who are sick
    • and that sees us into the America Days and all they offer culturally. Our contributions are
      • in the Church as a venue for the Kultur Nacht
      • Saturday 20th October a mini Book Sale and Bake Sale in the Anglican Centre – watch out for the call for volunteers
      • to close the America Days we will offer a Songs of Praise service on Sunday 21st October at the usual time, but joining with the International Church of the Nazarene who we hope will feel a warm welcome among us that day

    we give thanks for the gift of holidays and pray for safe travels throughout these summer weeks …..
    we pray too for those who have asked for our prayers: for Jim and also Jane – may they know God’s peace and the healing touch of Christ
    and globally: the Kerala district of India in floods

    the Church Council has its annual planning meeting on 5.09. – this needs Your prayers

    Summer Picnic – this falls on afternoon of Sunday 9th September after the service at Killesberg. Sign up if you need / can offer a lift.

    we pray for Mark and Corina and Christopher as they pack up their home and make final preparations for their move back home
    we pray for any visitors this month that they might feel truly welcome among us

    I am often in the office at the anglican centre spontaneously but definitely:
    Do 30. 14.00 – 16.00 (or possibly later that afternoon)
    Sa 2. 11.00 – 12.30
    Di 4. 12.00 – 14.00
    no need to make an appointment just drop in…….
    and we might even have Lauris back on thursday mornings soon 

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