CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS  29th June 2020

Service on the Mount – Sunday 5th July 2020 @10:30

Nearly there….

  • pray – for safety and for good weather and indeed for God’s blessing
  • location – Solitude by car, or by bike or even on foot from Gerlingen ….. also Bus 92 from Rotebühlplatz or Feuersee. See here for a map and details of parking / meeting point.
  • bring – a ‘household’ blanket which will be distanced from other household blankets and on which you’ll be asked to stay for the duration of service and picnic
    • a picnic not to be shared with anyone who is not in your household
    • your own ‘household’ disinfectant for hands and any trips to the toilet
  • learn – if you can
    • the tunes to two songs, a snippet of a song and the Gloria (audios available on the website and words will be provided)
    • the basic liturgical responses (see below)
  • reminders – if you have not booked in yet you Must do so please sign up using the online form here the Chaplain will send an email confirmation on Friday 3rd July to all who are booked in!
  • Please note there will be NO R2C service on Saturday 4th July.
  • there will be no HomeChurch resources for Sunday 5th July but the Morning Prayer liturgy is always available and you can choose your own music from the archive on our Virtual Choir Page.
  • if the weather prohibits outdoor worship – Kara will email/contact all those who have signed up (on Sunday morning)

grace and peace

Audios of worship music:

  • Alleluia Alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord
  • Gloria
  • Response to Intercessions – I will trust in you alone
  • You shall go out with joy


The Lord is here – his Spirit is with us

Lift up your hearts – we lift them to the Lord

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God – it is right to give thanks and praise

Hear the gospel of…. – Glory to you O Lord

This is the gospel of the Lord … – Praise to you O Christ



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