Chaplain’s musings – 30th November 2021

ANDREW: Apostle  – feast day 30th November

Almighty God
who gave such grace to your apostle Saint Andrew
that he readily obeyed the call of your Son Jesus Christ
and brought his brother with him:
call us by your holy word and give us grace to follow you without delay
and to tell the good news of your kingdom.

Jesus said to his apostles ‘You are my friends if you obey my commands.’

Your Son called women and men to leave the past behind them and to follow him.
Look with mercy upon those whom he calls today.
Your Son formed around him a company who were no longer servants but friends and he called those who obeyed his call, brother and sister.
Your Son promised those who followed him that they would sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel and would share in the banquet of the kingdom.

Almighty God
Grant that your Church (in all its shapes and sizes and expressions)
may faithfully hold and make known the faith
that has come to us through the apostles
that with them and all your saints
we may inherit the glories of the life that comes only from you.

Dear Musings Readers

I do not often lead off in this way and yet today is not only that feast day (St Andrew 30.11.) but for me the coinciding of 2 events which I hope will bless you as it has me.

=We have in the St Catherine’s family Andrew who with his wife Marianne and their daughter Katelynn have been with us for many years. Andrew has been for some time exploring a Vocation to the Ordained Ministry. We congratulate him for the hard work that has got him through the first round of formal interviews and we congratulate his family for the cost that is uniquely theirs on this journey. In the next 15 months or so before the final round of interviews, we will all see much more of Andrew, as by necessity he will need to become much more ‘hands-on’.
He and the whole family will need our prayers not only in these coming months and years as life-changing decisions are made by them and for them.
Today is Andrew’s saint day and we commend him and his journey to God.
Advent: a season of waiting of waiting for of waiting upon. Much of discerning and growing into vocation follows this same dynamic. Waiting and waiting for and waiting upon. Like looking at an unploughed field – some will see nothing and walk away, others will ‘see’ growth and even harvest ….

=We have in the St Catherine’s family Freddi (7 months old today) who is being baptised this coming Saturday.  A theological and pastoral nonsense though that is, the service will be a private event because of Covid ! Every baptism service though is a reminder to all those present of their own baptism.
Our Baptism – as the worth and identity that defines us and as such is the place we return to when the world in its cruelty dares to challenge that worth and identity.
Our Baptism – which marks the beginning of our Vocational journey. Those who are baptised as littlies need the help of parents and godparents to discern that vocation. Our teens and tweens need good mentors. All of us need good companions on the way to help us discern and articulate and grow into our vocations.
So Freddi and his parents and godparents will need our prayers as they claim the inheritance that is theirs.
Advent: a season when we light candles and pray for hope and peace and joy and love. What shape will these take in our lives and the lives of the young ?  Like looking at an unploughed field – some will see nothing and walk away, others will ‘see’ growth and even harvest ….

Amen and Amen.


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