Chaplain’s Musings – 3rd January 2022

Dear members of St Catherine’s in Stuttgart and in the diaspora,

If I haven’t already seen you this year – may I wish you every blessing in this year
in the expected places and in the surprises also.

It is said of clergy and also of postal workers, that we are always working at least 3 months ahead of ourselves. I am sure it is true of many others also.

Not yet have the Kings arrived at our crib scenes, nor yet in the Gospel Narrative and Liturgy and here is the Chaplain pushing forward into Lent.

To the Chaplain it feels like planning the next meal while still on the main course of the current one  – never mind pudding and coffee (with or without the mints).

We rejoice that conflicts and other horrible stuff aside there is much more friendship and understanding between people of different faiths than there has been in the past and better understanding too. There is in that, quite simply, the recognition of what we DO share.
Which faith or none does not light candles in the dark times of life, be that in seasonal terms or in metaphor. Something else all faiths and none share, is a yearning and striving for Wisdom, to recognise it when they encounter it. What that wisdom looks like will vary enormously but …!

My Question is: Where do we find Wisdom, where do we search for it ?
And among those ‘sources’ of wisdom – how do we order the significance, the ‘weight’ if you like … for all this and much more I invite you to join me in reading parts of this book during Lent (starts at the beginning of March) Let me know if you’d like to join in. I look forward to your insights and your sharing the journey.

Now back to Epiphany and magi and stars and frankincense and gold and myrrh and the countless ways God reveals himself to us…

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