Chaplain’s Musings – 7th February 2022

LENT GROUPS 28th February – 10th April 2022

I have written on Lent Groups in the past, focusing on the opportunities they give us to meet with others in fellowship and prayer and shared learning, the motivation being to booster our discipleship reflections, and walking in parallel with our Lord who put himself in the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted but also to pray and focus away from everyday distractions before he begins his public ministry…..

To that we add that the pandemic has gifted us the technology and now also the skills to meet online (Zoom and others). So where, in the past, an extra hour and a half of travel made meeting impossible or at least very difficult, this is no longer the case.
Zoom as a facilitating tool is here to stay.

So I am offering a menu and will run any groups throughout Lent, which have a minimum sign up of at least 5 .

what will remain is our ‘staple’ the weekly Bible Study Group that runs all year and studies the gospel readings for the next Sunday and is hosted by our Associate Priest Rev’d Solomon Benjamin – to register for these use

  • Wednesday 2nd March Luke 4.1-13
  • Wednesday 9th March Luke 13.31-35
  • Wednesday 16th March Luke 13.1-9
  • Wednesday 23rd March Luke 15.1-3,11-32
  • Wednesday 30th March John 12.1-8
  • Wednesday 6th April Luke 19.28-40

Wisdom – I wrote a while back in the Chaplain’s Musings about a book focusing on sources of wisdom in our time and invited then to use this during Lent.
It is now too late to order copies but if enough are interested I can scan extracts for us to read and discuss.
Timing: Day/time tbc by those who sign up  
Register your interest via

Poetry –  I have produced a whole Lent booklet – with poetry and prayers for each week and a daily conversation question and also praying for the 40 countries who have the lowest vaccine status ….. that booklet will go online (like a Lent version of an Advent Calendar) and also be printed for the those who prefer that format – I would like to take the 2 poems for each week and make use of them in a Lent group if enough are interested.
Timing: Sundays@20:00 for 45 mins
Register your interest via

Living in Loving and Faith – Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships, marriage. This is a course which I cannot recommend highly enough (because I have seen it being built) and maybe this might be especially useful for parents and/ or teachers who can access this material through the eyes of youngsters also – once again if there are enough signups ….. and if there are enough of us this might well take us into the Easter weeks.
Timing: Wednesdays@19:45 for 45 mins
Register your interest via

Compline – not a study group but a 20 minute online service which happens throughout the year every Sunday @21:00 – why not join for the Sundays in Lent ??
Code from

Q: does anyone want a daytime group and if so what and when ??


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