Chaplain’s Musings – 9th May 2022 – ‘Hymns and Pimms’

‘O be joyful in the lord all the earth; serve the lord with gladness and come before his presence with a song’ psalm 100

‘Hymns and Pimms’   

Last week we looked back at the joy of our second Jubilee Event
marking the 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

This week we look forward to our third and final Jubilee Event.

Hymns and Pimms posterSave the Date – this will take place at church and the room next to it on Saturday 4th June from 17:00.

Important once again will be the inviting, the publicity, the posting and sharing on social media.

But here is my plea:

Hymns – I invite (on a first come basis) the choosing of hymns. Your hymn will be sung (or verses of) only if you also tell us why this hymn is a favourite, or why it is significant for you.
Please use  to submit.
Stephen and any members of the scratch choir we can retain will hopefully help lead the hymns on the day.

Pimms – I need please the following:

  • do we also need to ‘borrow’ glasses from somewhere and glass jugs ?
  • what about ‘nibbles’ – the Jubilee Cake is in hand as is an alternative of cup cakes/ muffins

Are there peeps who might take on the Pimms bit of this event pleeeeeease ??!
Offers to

….. and reflection for this week…

Yesterday was Mothers’ Day in much of the world, as well as here in Germany. At church and in the preparation for our worship I was acutely and overwhelmingly aware of the crashing of gears. We are celebrating with joy one of God’s most joyous and brilliant ideas – motherhood, and parenting and nurture and care in all its many variations. Yet how could we as praying people not also be painfully aware of the unimaginable experience of all those who have ‘lost’ children (adult ones as well as little ones) in conflict and violence, in sickness, in hunger made worse by conflict and the pandemic… – so we pray on.

But as I have had cause to say before – Joy and Celebration amidst suffering is a statement of faith and a proclamation of hope.

We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song.


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