Chaplain’s Musings – A Celebration of Gifts

On Pentecost Sunday our prayers of intercession focused on the gifts of the Spirit,  alongside other themes known to us for that Sunday.
On Pentecost Sunday our reflections focused on the creative gifts and creative force that is part of our DNA as we are made in the image of a Creator-God.

Looking back we can see this creative force in action in our online worship.
So far we have had contributions in a vast variety of ways to our online worship  from:
Amelia N, Amy W, Andrew H, Anne M, Anja H
Becka W, Ben W, Bernd B, Brigitte S, Brittney O
Chidon O, Christopher H, Christoph M, Christopher S, Christine P, Colin H
Dan R, Darren B, Derrick O
Edeltraude S, Edith W, Emilia S, Eric J
Frances B
Gary A, Genevive W, Gill H, Godwin J, Great J
Howard P
Jackie W, Jason S, Jim P, Jincy G, Jordan J, Julia N, Julie F, Julie LN
Katelynn H, Katharine S, Katy K
Larry R, Leslie N, Luitger H
Marianne H, Maja L, Meg R, Michele L
Natalie L, Natalie N, Nathan G
Oby J
Philippa H, Philomena O, Pretty J
Rainer W, Renate J, Rob H, Ruby J
Sabrina K, Sarah G, Sheila L, Solomon B, Stephen B, Susan R, Susanna T
Ted W, Tim L
Wolfgang S
Yousef E

Add to that our growing Virtual Choir:
Anja, Becka, Chris, Giles, Julia, Kristina, Laura, Luci, Marissa, Mhakies, Nancy,
Paul, Peter, Richard, Robert, Stephen, Susan, Tim, Ursula, William, Yotin

Add to that are those who have contributed at R2C so far:
Becka W, Deven E, Julie LN, Rob H, Sarah G

Add to that the Unseen and Unnamed:
– Those who have contributed financially to ChurchCoronaCare and the collection shortfall
– Those who have prayed for our church through these weeks
– Those who have gone out of their way to help in practical ways – making masks, shopping, technical support …
– Those who have been diligent about keeping in touch with the more isolated via phonecalls and other platforms …
– Those of our Refugee Programme Volunteers and others who have helped look after the Anglican Centre
This list is long and in parts anonymous, as well as unseen

Finally, add to that our wardens and council members who have kept all that needs to be kept going – going

All of you have been and are again and will continue to be “thanked”
But mostly with this Musings today – I want us to say Thank You to the God
– who gives us gifts to share so we may all be enriched
– who also equips us to find imaginative ways to help each other through crisis times
– who through the use of our gifts reminds us of his care and his abiding presence always


Return2Church – if you are planning on attending R2C on Saturday evening at 17:00 please register by Friday morning with Alison
As the number registered approaches our capacity, please also remember to cancel if you cannot attend.

ZoomCoffee – our first attempt at a zoom fellowship time was hit by technical glitches. Apologies if you didn’t manage to join us. Look out for this week’s code which will be sent out on Thursday and we hope you can join us on Sunday at 10:30.

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