CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS and Notices for 31st July 2018

Our readings continue this week with the themes of Calling or Vocation and of the several motifs associated with the claim in John’s gospel ‘I am the bread of life ….’

I wish, however, to stick with the fact that we are at the beginning of the main holiday season of the year, which means not only that people are away, but also that others might be visiting us.

I have long made much of the difference between Welcome and Hospitality, especially in a church context. Anyone who walks through our doors on a Sunday morning gets a warm and personal Welcome, be they known to us, or not, be they children or adults. Many of the St Catherine family are really good at this. That Welcome is important and I have no wish to belittle it.

Rather though, I like to claim that Hospitality goes further. How many of us can remember going to a new church for the first time. Where do you sit ? Is this the sort of church where people are creatures of habit and you may sit in someone’s seat and upset them – is this the sort of church where that might happen ? I’ve been given a hymn book and a service book and a piece paper giving me some page numbers – great. Oh but you stand and sit at different times than what I am used to, where did she say coffee was …… and so it goes.

I like to think that Hospitality looks after a visitor for the duration of their visit. Having been welcomed by that nice gentleman – how about a ‘regular’ sits close enough to be useful in case, but not too close. They might make sure I am not only invited to coffee by the notices but takes me there and introduces me a to a couple of people so I can feel my way into conversation rather than stand and observe everyone else deep in their own chat, someone will even invite me next week and make sure I know when the service time is and a “I look forward to seeing you again” …… and so it goes.

It’s all rather obvious, but at the beginning of the summer holidays its good to remind ourselves to be particularly attentive to new faces, and that it is a shared responsibility, not all left to that nice gentleman at the door giving out the books….. and the children will learn by what they see and do likewise.

Not only might looked-after people return, but people who are not anxious about doing right / wrong, can relax and concentrate on worship, and that is after all what we are here for on a Sunday.

Refreshments after the service is part of our offering of hospitality and as Gabi takes a well earned break, we would like one or two families to sign up to help Gary setup and clear away the coffee time. Please sign up here or in the Anglican Centre to help – if you speak to Gary he can show you where things are and let you know if he’ll be aroung that week to help. Thank you.

Thank you to all those who helped with our contributions to the 150th Anniversary celebrations: attending planning meetings, making music and song, helping with refreshments, taking part in the services and entertainments …

We give thanks for the gift of holidays and pray for safe travels throughout these summer weeks …..

– Next weekend sees our worship being led by the Sunday School and the Sunday School Team – recognisably a Eucharist but with a wider participation base.
– This Sunday, Summer Sunday Club starts with children between 4-11 years old being invited to come to the Anglican Centre at 11:15 for activities until they return to church at the passing of the peace. Please ensure you come with your children to sign them in to Sunday Club before you go to church.

We welcome the newest member of our church family – Laura Sarah – we give thanks to God for her safe arrival and pray for her parents as they get used to new routines.
We pray for Gene and Bonnie as they make preparations for their move to Zurich later this month

#chaplain@the Office(wed-wed)
I am often in the office spontaneously but definitely:
Mi 1.08. 14.30 – 17.30
Do 2.08. all afternoon
Di 7.08. 09.30 – 12.00
No need to make an appointment just drop in……..



Summer Picnic – this falls on afternoon of Sunday 9.09. this year and details of precise place and timings to follow though I think Killesberg has been agreed on by the Council.

Men’s Pub Night
Gentlemen: Following a rather patchy bit of pub night organization of late, and in an effort to ensure that the thirsts of the men of the parish are suitably slaked, here are some Pub Night dates and venues for the remainder of 2018 for your calendars.
The dates are always the *second Thursday* of each month and meeting at 7pm
9/Aug — Schlossgarten Biergarten (definitely open this time —
13/Sept — Rote Kapelle —
11/Oct — Sophie’s Brauhaus —
8/Nov — Hotzenplotz —
13/Dec — Weihnachtsmarkt — Meet at the entrance on Schlossplatz:(between the Alte Schloss and the Alte Kanzlei)
Cheers, Darren

Women’s Group
As none of us are going on holiday in August we decided to have our meeting as usual on the third Thursday of the month, ie 16th August from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. See you there.

Ladies’ Evening Group (LEGS)
For those of us who are in town – we will hold our next LEGS on Monday 20th August – from 19:00 at Ha Long on Hölderlinplatz.
Please mail Anne – if you’d like to join us.

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