Chaplain’s Musings … on offer at St. Catherine’s over the summer…

Almost upon us…
… are the 6 weeks of summer and school holidays during which at various points many of you in ordinary times also take time out and travel.
This is the time when:

  • the Sunday School Team usually takes a break
  • also the Council
  • also groups such as Bible Study and the Women’s Group…..
  • also encouraged to take a break at some point in the summer – are our organist, our administrator, the wardens where that can be managed, the webmaster and those who have any kind of role at the Anglican Centre

This summer however is not a normal summer: many will not be travelling, others will have had enforced breaks from their roles during lock-down and will be happy, therefore, to continue through the summer.
So let me outline what is on offer under the umbrella term WorshipLearnPray:

Our main service provision offers a vast choice:

    • Return2Church services on Saturday evenings @17:00 in Church will continue
    • There will be a Joint (bi lingual) Eucharist (Old Catholics and Anglicans) on Sunday 30th August @10:00 in Church
    • Morning Prayer with hymns (either from youtube or recorded on Saturday evening at R2C or from our Virtual Choir Library) and also with audio sermon
    • Evensong (traditional language) for use any day of the week that suits you (this is currently a said service, but we are hoping to add music)
    • Compline (both traditional and contemporary language versions available) for use any day of the week that suits you
      If these services are unfamiliar to you, you can find out a bit more about their origin on our Anglicanism page
  3. also online:
    • Bible Study (title: As we gather around the Word) – this gives the Bible Reading (Gospel) of the week with a couple of points to help reflect on that reading and lead you into prayer. This changes format for the summer and gives much more material around the gospel for the week.
    • Prayers – some provision for those who like written prayers rather than making up their own
      and these can be used together with any / all of the above…..
  4. FamiliesOnline:
    all of the below can be enjoyed by children, young people and adults alike;

    • weekly audio Bible Story with a theme and question for a conversation and an activity – the first one will arrive with you on Sunday 2nd August.
    • Woodland Gospels – an audio story for children, also read in chapters
    • weekly look at the gospel for the week, with prayers and activities and reflections for the whole family (can be adapted by individuals too)

With all that there is actually vastly more available to suit every age and ‘taste’ imaginable than there would have been before a little virus forced us to distance and go online…..

stay safe over the summer and during any travels you may brave
Be blessed and Be a blessing

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