Chaplain’s musings on prayer

last month I wrote: “I invite us to begin to think about what is the purpose of public prayer… which we shall explore together during August”.
Well August is now here…

The Lord’s Prayer is always imagined to be an intensely private prayer – meeting our needs, a focus for our devotions, praying for our forgiveness and strength during our temptations… and nothing could be further from the truth. It is public, it is communal, it is prophetic, it is creedal and indeed it is political. As such it is not surprising that its place in public worship (Sunday services) is central, even climactic.

But I wish to begin elsewhere altogether – in a place where the focus of prayer is very obviously public. So we join Moses in the wilderness. God has heard the public cry of his people and delivered them, not only from their tormentors, but also from the limits nature put in the way of their way to freedom… if you want the rest of this taster – join us at St Catherine’s on Sunday.

Here are a few of the questions which I would like us to explore over the coming weeks:
• if we wish to pray for someone who is clearly in need and to do so in our worship should we mention names ?
• if we wish as a praying community have a prayer diary should we put people we know to need our prayers in it ?
• how specific in names and in detail can public prayer be these days ?
• are we confined in our prayers to generalities and silence ?
• given this church is locked all week where would You go if you needed somewhere to pray on an ordinary day ?
more questions will follow in the coming weeks.

• we give thanks for the gift of holidays and pray for safe travels throughout these summer weeks …..
• we pray for one of our families as they face some medical challenges this month…..

this Sunday sees our worship being led by the Sunday School and the Sunday School Team – recognisably a Eucharist but with a wider participation base.
Parents can you please come with your children to sign them in in the Anglican Centre before you go to church, the children are then encouraged to sit together with their leaders.

Jim Palik’s photos from the 150th celebratory service are now online for you too look at 
Thank you to Jim for capturing the service – due to the length of the service one speech by Pfarrer Doll was cut, a translation will be available here soon.

we pray this week for Gene and Bonnie as they make final preparations for their move to Zurich later this month and we say our St Catherine’s farewells to them this Sunday

Summer Picnic – this falls on afternoon of Sunday 9.09. this year and details of precise place and timings to follow though I think Killesberg has been agreed on by the Council
Look out for arrangements……

Men’s Pub Night
This Thursday 7pm, 9/Aug — Schlossgarten Biergarten (definitely open this time —
If it is wet please contact Darren to find out where the men are keeping dry.

Women’s Group
As none of us are going on holiday in August we decided to have our meeting as usual on the third Thursday of the month, ie 16th August from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. See you there.

Ladies’ Evening Group (LEGS)
For those of us who are in town – we will hold our next LEGS on Monday 20th August – from 19:00 at Ha Long on Hölderlinplatz.
Please mail Anne – if you’d like to join us.

#chaplain@the Office(wed-wed)
I am often in the office spontaneously but definitely:
Di 7.08. 09.30 – 12.00
Fr 10.08. 09.30 – 11.30
Mi 15.08. 13.00 – 15.00

No need to make an appointment just drop in……..

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