Drop-In / ‘Offene Stunde’

The refugee project is new enough to still be evolving. The process of this evolving is, that while some planning and structure is of course necessary and in place, essentially the shape of what is offered will be in response to emerging needs.

For now then, there are 2 Drop-In sessions
Publicity (notices and social media) uses the name ‘Offene Stunde’
Sessions run Mondays 14.00-16.00 and Wednesdays 11.00-13.00

Currently present at all sessions are:
Shehnaz Mousa who is Team Leader (see ‘who is who’ part of website) and who holds this role on a mini-job basis.
Chaplain with overall responsibility, also as project leader, also with safeguarding  (training and statutory checks) in place.

So far we have had basic German conversation with young mums, enquiries about transferring qualifications from heritage / home to German workplace, some simply come here as a ‘safe space’ and then we have had some ‘sensitives’ details of which cannot and will not ever be shared in Stuttgart.

We refer where that is appropriate. We also network where we can import expertise from among the settled refugee community in Stuttgart.