Harvest Festival – Sunday 14th October

Our ‘Harvest Festival’ this year is this Sunday 14th October – please bring tins and dried goods to give to Schwäbische Tafel (food bank) which will be collected during the Harvest Thanksgiving Eucharist. After the service there will be a harvest lunch, come hungry and bring a little extra money, if you can, to put in the donation basket for our harvest appeal.

I have, on one of my kitchen cupboards, a cartoon with the text: “His mother must be a lousy cook, they say prayers before every meal.”
Why do some say grace and some don’t ?
Why before the main meal but not the rest ?
Why at home but not in a restaurant ?
What if there are people of faith gathered around the table?
You can see why its easy just not to bother !

Here are my thoughts about saying grace for anyone of faith or not…..
– we are in it for the Pause
– the quiet thanks for love and for our blessings
– before the shovelling begins
– for a moment our stations are tuned to a broader richer radius
– we are acknowledging that this ‘bread’ didn’t just magically appear:
– someone grew it
– harvested it
– ground it
– bought it
– baked it…….
– All food was planted or birthed
– grown or raised
– harvested or slaughtered
– cleaned, shipped, prepared, cooked, served, for our nourishment and enjoyment….
– and deserves respect
– including for the sacrifice of life for animal or vegetable
– so we Pause
with thanks.

Here is a grace we shall use at our Harvest lunch:
“For food in a world where many walk in hunger
for faith in a world where many walk in fear
for friends in a world where many walk alone
we give you heartfelt thanks O Lord.”

And once again our harvest blessing: may you be blessed, may we all be blessed, and our cups filled to overflowing by a God who promises abundance.

we pray still for Brigitte’s Walter in his illness with currently much pain and for Brigitte as she cares for him
we pray for Ashley Williams who was to do a ministry placement with us next spring but has delayed because of being ill
we continue to pray for pray for the people of Indonesia in their grief and distress

we have a couple of baptisms coming up – a reminder please if your child has been baptised would you please let me have date
I would like to gather together a confirmation group – not urgent, but if you have not been confirmed have a think and pray about this, talk with family/ friends, talk with me…..

we pray for any newcomers that they might feel truly welcome among us and as they discern what gifts God is calling them to share among us

Chaplain – every Monday: 14.30 – 16.00 and every Saturday: 11.00 – 12.30
If I am not there at these times there will be a very good reason !
Chaplaincy Administrator aka the lovely Lauris – every Thursday: 10.00 – 12.00

I am often at the Centre at other times so feel free to drop in – no appointment needed !

#for your diaries

  • This will be a small book sale in the Anglican Centre not a full scale event in church, but helpers are still needed – speak to Gary if you can lend a hand.
  • St. Catherine’s Women’s Group
    This month we will back to our usual third Thursday in the month, that is, Thursday, 18th October from 10 until 12 in the Anglican Centre. Last time we talked a lot about the Women’s Day of Prayer which we are hosting next March so this will be an on-going project and we would welcome your support.
    Alison women@stcatherines-stuttgart.de
  • Ladies’ Evening Group (LEGS) Due to us all being busy, busy we are moving the October LEGS meeting to Monday 29th October -19:00 at Injeera Please e-mail legs@stcatherines-stuttgart.de or let Frances know if you are able to join us.
  • Church Bazaar – Saturday 1st December – start planning what you can contribute or help with and speak to Alison – more details to follow.
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