Lenten reflection – 24th March

Every evening at 19:00, from Wednesday 25th March until at least Easter, we are all invited to join with the Evangelischen Kirchen in Stuttgart placing a lighted candle in the window, praying for our locality and the world and saying the Lord’s Prayer.
Prayers to include

  • who are dying
  • those caring for them
  • those at risk
  • the fearful
  • the isolated

Church bells throughout Stuttgart will be rung at 19:00 too. If you can’t hear bells from where you live, you can listen to our own St. Catherine’s bells here.

Please send us photos of your lighted candles and we will create a gallery of prayer on our website – photos should be sent to webmaster@stcatherines-stuttgart.de

All church activities and public acts of worship are suspended until further notice due to Corona Virus prevention measures.
Thank you to those who told us they joined us in “Home Church” this Sunday. Details of resources for this coming Sunday’s “service” will be e-mailed and appear on the website on Saturday. Do try and join us virtually on Sunday as we pray for each other at this difficult time.

A Prayer in the Midst of Crisis 

God of searching and knowing,
your people Israel faced famine and wilderness,
and your church has known persecution and hardship.
Be close to all your children in this time of bewilderment and fear. Make this time of cessation and isolation one in which your Spirit reveals new ways to be together,
fresh discoveries in worship, different gestures of care,
and innovative forms of compassion.
Encourage the vulnerable, comfort the impoverished,
inspire the anxious and give wisdom to those who govern.
Lift up our hearts that we may see
the abundance of what is still beautiful and true,
not be captivated by what is lost and absent,
and find new gifts in ourselves and one another.
In the power of the Spirit and in union with Christ,
who knew what it meant to be alone.


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