Musings for 4th June


I shall write something on Pentecost next week – after our own celebrations and after the amazing and joyful and vibrant and colourful celebrations involving the world-wide-church members on Pentecost Monday @ the Stiftskirche

For this week I just want to pull out one single thread from yesterday’s reflections (sermon). Many of you readers are too young for the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 30 years ago to mean much more to you then an historical event somewhere far away.

For me it was a deeply significant and life-changing event. Time wise it overlapped precisely with the beginnings of my training for the priesthood. That iconic photo being recycled this week, of the lone student standing in front of 4 tanks, and the events leading to it and from it were on constant television footage over several weeks. I, like others around me were shocked. And moved. We understood almost nothing, culturally or politically, and thus responded at that most basic of human levels, at gut level. But for me –

– Where was God on that square in those weeks ? It was not sufficient for me to be fobbed off with a reminder that China then was a communist totalitarian state and God had no jurisdiction there. My understanding of a biblical God was different. An abiding God, a present God, a God involved in history directly or through human agency, a God whose image lived in every born person….. a question asked at too many historical traumas, and despite long volumes of books it’s an answer every person of faith needs to walk towards themselves

– Where was prayer in those weeks ? It shifted my ‘Prayers of Intercession’ from lists to forms that started their evolution then during that volcano event, and is evolving still. Glimpses of which I have shared when we have thought about Prayer in our sermon slot. They now begin much less with “Please…..” or even “Please would you……” and much more with “What are you doing there, show me, so I can help pray that into reality…..”. It’s a work in progress. I hope.

– Where was my engagement, my responsibility, as a fellow human being, in those weeks ? Not enough to say it’s all a long way away, it’s a different culture….. I have made it my business over the 30 years since, to never find myself so ignorant. I have therefore read widely and deeply. I read as much political and cultural and sociological and anthropological material as theological. They are all interconnected. This is still my practice now. (currently reading around causes for C21. rise in right-wing populism which lie centuries back rather than in single and recent events)

Enough from that particular journey. Those events so far away 30 years ago, were not traumatic for me as they were for the locals, but out of the deaths during those weeks, something came alive in me and lives still. For that I am grateful.

– we pray for our Muslim colleagues and neighbours and friends as they celebrate Eid this week – marking the close of their ‘holy month of Ramadan’
– we pray too for Welt Hirn Tumortag (brain tumours) this saturday 08.06. – not least because it affects directly at least 2 people linked to St Catherine’s


  • we pray for China and those still living in the shadow of the events of 30 years ago
  • we pray too for those who have lost confidence in political systems, for those who just don’t care, and for the millions who cannot vote because they don’t have any kind of citizenship

#Shepherd’s Symphony
If the write up last week left you curious, please click on the following link to see the pictures of the Shepherd’s Symphony Choir’s performance at the Leonhardskirche. 
I hope you like the pictures, Jim

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this week:
= Bible Study – WE 05.06. @ 19.30 in the Anglican Centre as usual

further ahead:
= Pentecost – we will once again be having Incense at the altar during our worship (see my piece on this in February newsletters)

further ahead still:
= there are now THREE baptism dates in the diary – 21.07. / 22.09. / 27.10. – if you are an Adult who has never been baptised please talk to Kara about what that might mean for you and check which date would fit best…..
= Forest Church – we will have an outdoor service on Sunday 28.07. details to follow
= Schulanfänger – names to Kara for anyone starting school this September
= Annual Church Picnic – after church on Sunday 08.09. details to follow
= Harvest – hosted last year by West Africa, hosted this year by India – Sunday 13.10.
= ‘A Harvest of Talents’ – the children (and some adults too please) to lay on a performance evening Saturday 12.10. so get practising – poems / music / reading / reciting / comedy / drama……. what will You bring ?

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