News from St. Catherine’s

This Sunday, 22nd September, our service will start at 11:15 promptly. Our baptism family’s guests have flights to catch immediately afterwards. Parents are reminded that due to the baptism the children will start the service in church with us and then go into Sunday School.

Sunday 29th September – 11:30 start! We will be holding our service at the Leonhardskirche as the Old Catholics will have an extend service as part of the selection process for their new priest. Sunday School will take place in the sideroom at the Leonhardskirche, but coffee after the service will be in the Anglican Centre.

A big thank you to all who helped with last weekend’s CAECG meeting: Alison, Chidon, Christopher, Edeltraude, Eric, Frances, Howard, Julie, Kingstone, Marianne, Naomi, Natasha, Renate and Wolfgang. Thank you for hosting, cooking, baking, washing up and all the other work needed to make this event a success.


For new members, but actually also for the more settled, an extract from the Chaplain’s Report at the Annual Meeting in April earlier this year…..

When a new priest arrives in a post, they bring with them their God-given gifts, their experience, their personality. The gaps between what is offered and what is needed, will be a different set of gaps to those left by the last priest because their gifts and experience and personality were different. Those gaps are filled by you, the lay people. That is how vocation and ministry works if we look in places like Romans, Ephesians, 1 Corinthians….. It requires different skills and time commitments and types of people than before, and many, much more than only the Council members, have risen to that challenge. There is a way to go.”

There is scope here for any and all the baptised to explore and find their vocation. When this Chaplain moves on, because all chaplains do, there will again be new opportunities around the different gifts and experiences that new priest will bring and offer. So there is always the balance between the settled and the fresh. The rooted / inherited and the new growth that seems ‘seasonal’.
These are all signs of health and flourishing and that I hope will be reassuring rather than threatening.
Change hits everyone differently and some harder than others, but we can accompany one another on that journey into new life and new blessings.

For those who missed it, or would like to reflect on it: Howard’s sermon from Sunday – 20190915-SERMON-Proper19-yearC

The monthly news-sheet for September can be found here Newssheet_September with full details of events, memory verse, prayer diary etc.

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