Pictures from 150th Anniversary Celebrations

Jim Palik’s photos and Pfarrer Doll’s address (which sadly he didn’t get chance to give) are now available to look at online – Celebrating 150 years since the consecration of St. Catherine’s

CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS 14th August 2018

Without giving any personal or specific details – I had the privilege this week of accompanying some of our volunteers on their job-search quest. Seeing the countless requests for new team members in shop and café windows, gives the accurate impression that there is a lot of work out there at every level. We set off feeling optimistic.

My question though, as I was tagging along, was ‘How much of this is accessible?’ not only because of language but also because of culture and indeed perception. I really felt that they were at the mercy of something well beyond their control and the optimism was not quite so shiny any more.

St Paul in prison had much to think about and dwell on, and also time to pray, though in prison I would imagine the distinctions disappear. He too had to grapple with circumstances beyond his control. He too had access issues.

So, back to our volunteers. We can offer practical help as they begin to put together letters of application in German (their 3rd or 4th or 5th language) and send them off, as they prepare for a job interviews. But I, like St Paul, intend to do a bit more reflecting and praying – that the waning optimism might turn into hope – and invite you to join me.

If your interest in prayer has been stirred through the challenges in the readings and sermon of 29th July and our thoughts since then on public prayer – then feel free to ask me what the content of my prayers shall be as I continue to accompany some of our volunteers on their job-search quest. May they and I know God’s abundant blessing.

we give thanks for the gift of holidays and pray for safe travels throughout these summer weeks … and for those who must continue to work.

to the children who bravely stood up, read and helped lead the service last Sunday. Our next children’s “led” Eucharist will be out Back to School service on Sunday 9th September … if your child is starting school this year please let Kara know as we’d like to include a special blessing for them in the service.

the Church Council has its annual planning meeting on 5th September – this needs Your prayers

Summer Picnic – this falls on afternoon of Sunday 9.09. this year and details of precise place and timings to follow though I think Killesberg has been agreed on by the Council
Look out for arrangements…… and sign up if you need / can offer a lift
Ladies Evening Group – Monday 20th August – e-mail for more details if you would still like to join us.

Did you get our e-mail this week about our new programme for youngsters? If not e-mail

we pray this week for Gene and Bonnie, who we said good -bye to on Sunday, as they make final preparations for their move to Zurich later this month
we pray for any visitors this month that they might feel truly welcome among us

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